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Some say that the first chypre (French for Cyprus, but in reference to the island, not the tree) began in 1917 with the launch of the famous Chypre de Coty, a pre-oriental blend of sharp citruses laid over oakmoss, patchouli, a floral bouquet, styrax (benzoin), civet and musk. However, one only needs to examine perfume history closely to understand that actually Guerlain with their Chypre de Paris and d'Orsay with their Chypre d'Orsay actually preceded Coty by almost a decade!

But where did this pairing of a fragrance genre and the Mediterranean island of Cyprus come from? Elena Vosnaki explains that it may be the result of the famous face powder of the Cypriots, a product long in vogue throughout the ages with an aroma not too far off from the modern chypre concept. Cyprus itself is the location of the oldest known perfume factory in the world dating back to 2000 B.C. and is also the mythological birthplace of Aphrodite/Venus. Hence, the history of aroma and connection to beauty rituals reinforces the allure of Cyprus. For more info, see Elena's full article HERE.

And what exactly is a chypre bouquet? Three main ingredients have come to characterize the chypre - bergamot (a bright citrus note), labdanum (a warm resin produced by rockrose) and oakmoss (tree lichen). Throughout the years there have been many variations on this theme and this week our Fragrantica international editors discuss some of their favorites. With such a broad array of choices and subgenres (e.g. floral chypre, leather chypre, fruity chypre) it was a challenge not to exclude some famous aromas. We hope you enjoy our journey through the chypre universe and encourage you to share your own favorite chypres in a comment below!


By: Bella van der Weerd, editor of Fragrantica in Dutch and co-editor of Fragrantica in English

Thierry Mugler Chyprissime: This spicy bergamot, oak moss, patchouli, pear composition from Mugler’s “Les Exceptions” collection, which is not easy to get your hands on in certain European countries, has me mesmerized whenever I wear it. The whole collection offers high quality creations crafted around the major themes of traditional perfumery: floral, oriental, fougère, musky, chypre, leather and woody. Growing up as a perfumista in the eighties, I am instantly transported to my days of Paloma Picasso, La Nuit Paco Rabanne and Fendi for Women when I smell Chyprissime on my skin, created by Jean-Christophe Herault and Olivier Polge.

Chyprissime has a tangy, citrus-chypre burst in the top that tickles the nose and makes you sit up straight in your chair, ready to discover the next stages of its development. After the opening has calmed down a bit, the notes melt into a woody, masculine rose (cistus labdanum) with hints of something sweet (the official notes say pear, although I would never have guessed it). To my nose something ambery develops in the background, even though it’s not listed as an ingredient here, but the overall feel continues to be spicy fresh due to the still perceivable bergamot and green patchouli.

The mossy, green patchouli dry down is beautifully balanced with the touch of warm sweetness carried on from the heart and offers a remarkable longevity; it’s one of those fragrances you put on in the morning and still detect on your skin at night, if you put your nose close to the spot you sprayed.

I love wearing Chyprissime when fall is setting in; it brings to my mind the colors of the turning leaves, the warm, slightly sweet spices we associate with this time of year and a touch of nostalgia that seems to fit the fall mood. Beautiful.

Honorable Mentions: Paloma Picasso, La Nuit Paco Rabanne, Fendi for Women, Clinique Aromatics Elixir


By: Elena Vosnaki, editor of Fragrantica in Greek

What does the enchanted, primeval forest vibrates of? You can smell it in the air. You can feel it in your bones. The waters and the trees speak of it in hushed psithurism. It might take the form of a brothers Grimm fairytale or it can be part of Scandinavian mythology. Aromatics Elixir, one of the most commercially enduring chypre fragrances inspired by the trampled leaves on the forest floor, is continuously attempting to reply to the troll king question in Peer Gynt: "What is the difference between troll and man?"

The sudden entrance into an apocryphal cave where creation must have begun, in the guts of the earth, Aromatics Elixir fans out powdery notes of coumarin and rose and the bitter taste of hard-milled soap as you enter the densely packed pine forest. Humble chamomille is mocking you as you bend to pick up some, to only come face to face with poisoned mushrooms and the warmth radiating from the animals hidden in the darkest recesses.

When Bernard Chant made this for Clinique at the beginning of the 1970s it clustered around his other bitter-sweet, inedible chypre fragrances, such as Cabochard and Aramis, scents meant to act like an amulet of prophylaxis from modern miasmata. Hence the Clinique name. Nowadays I smell Elixir in my city of residence everywhere, peeking under the exhaust of public transport and behind the glasses of Campari bitters.

A scent to straighten your back, square your shoulders and dare the elements, be they of a natural or a social sense, to knock you down. But you subsist.

In Ibsen's Peer Gynt he Old Man of the Mountain replies to the original question: "Out there, where sky shines, humans say: 'To thyself be true.' In here, trolls say: 'Be true to yourself and to hell with the world.'" That's Aromatics Elixir for you!

Honorable Mentions (excluding woody florals like No.19 and leather scents like Bandit): Mitsouko extrait (Guerlain), Femme (Rochas), La Panthère (Cartier), Bottega Veneta eau de parfum, Private Collection Jasmine White Moss (Lauder), Paloma Picasso.


By: Miguel Matos, editor of Fragrantica in Portuguese

Chypre is almost always a very intellectual perfume family. I always see green or floral chypres as cold, conceptual and complex. And this is a good thing in my opinion. However, there are chypres and there are chypres. And Guerlain Mitsouko Eau de Parfum is the other kind of chypre. It's a carnal one, a lush fragrance that keeps people interested even after almost a century after its creation. Oakmoss and peach are the keys to its allure, at least on my skin and for my nose. Spices heat the composition in such a hedonistic way that the intellectual side of chypre disappears in order to give place to a pure feast for the body.

Mitsouko may not have such a sweaty aspect as, say, Femme de Rochas, but it rather depends of the fruity peach to make us salivate and think of velvety skin - from fruit or from human nature. There is also a gourmand side to it because of the edible qualities Mitsouko has. This fragrance is so many things and it seems to be unisex despite having been created for women.

Mitsouko has a warm heart that is constantly palpitating in arousal. All the notes seem to warm up and even steam up sometimes depending on who is wearing the scent. Mitsouko was actually one of the first feminine Guerlains I ever smelled, even after being so used to wearing Habit Rouge, with which it shares some obvious "guerlainesque" accords. And the first time I smelled it I imagined that this is the perfect symbol of perfume luxury and richness. It still is and I am glad that Thierry Wasser reformulated it years ago to bring it back to the old glory days.

Honorable Mentions: Halston Halston Classic, Jean Couturier Coriandre, Rochas Femme Rochas, Marc de la Morandiere Bleu de Chine, Robert Piguet Bandit, Gres Cabochard,Courreges Empreinte (new), Christian Dior Miss Dior Eau de Toilette Originale, La Perla La Perla, Molinard Les Orientaux: Chypre d`Orient, SP Parfums Sven Pritzkoleit Violet Moss


By: Marlen Elliot Harrison, co-editor of Fragrantica in English

In 1981 Chanel entered the animalic-chypre conversation with the infamously castoreum-focused Antaeus pour Homme. Nowadays, however, consumers won't find either castoreum OR oakmoss mentioned in the olfactory pyramid. The current brand description reads, "CHANEL ANTAEUS is lean, lithe and potent—just like its Greek hero namesake. It is the most powerful, long-lasting form of men's fragrance that gives you an unmistakably masculine presence, day and night. This cooling, revitalizing eau de toilette is a fresh, virile formula to spray lavishly all over the body." Hmmm, "cooling" and "refreshing" are not words I would choose to describe this dark, resinous animalic. And pity those around the individual who sprays Antaeus lavishly all over the body. It's one of the only scents I have been requested not to wear around specific individuals. Antaeus can be a difficult fellow, indeed, but I've loved him despite his brutishness for a good 30+ years now.

Once upon a time, before modern sensibilities and regulations, Antaeus was chock full of both oakmoss and castoreum, a glandular anal secretion that beavers use to mark territory. Combine the skanky castoreum with rich green moss and sweet resinous labdanum and complement them with green herbs - such as sage, myrtle and patchouli - and a touch of citrus in the topnotes and we have Antaeus, a leathery green aroma that seems to be as popular today as it was 35 years ago when it first launched. With today's sensibilities leaning toward gourmands or aquatics, Antaeus remains something of an anomaly, a relic from a bygone period. Yes, he is challenging, but for those who enjoy the darker depths of a fragrance that offers nothing even remotely fruity, fresh or dessert-like, he can also become a loyal friend. And although this is "for men", I would LOVE to smell this on a woman.

And just a note to say that the decision to review Antaeus was tough, indeed. Knowing and Chanel 19 had been my first choices with the other honorable mentions below fighting a tough battle for attention. But as no one else had chosen a "men's fragrance", I figured I'd go in another direction.

Honorable Mentions: Estee Lauder Knowing, DSH Rendezvous, Bill Blass Basic Black, Paco Rabanne La Nuit, Courreges Empreinte, Ungaro Diva, Shiseido Basala, Chanel #19


By: John Biebel, co-editor of Fragrantica in English

The mere mention of the word “chypre” always draws my mind to one perfume before any other: the 1973 classic Coriandre by Jacqueline Couturier. It was released under the perfume house she helped to create with her perfumer father, Jean Couturier, who worked for many years at Yves Saint Laurent before creating his own brand. What Jacqueline created in the mid-seventies was a fragrance that has never quite met an equal – an aromatic, green and fresh chypre perfume that was beautiful but subtle at the same time. Did she know that she was crafting an endearing classic as it was coming together in the Couturier lab? We’ll never know, but to center her fragrance around a core of a citrus and spicy aromatic seed was a fascinating start.

What draws us into the unusual world of Coriandre is its austere presentation. I’ve often said that Coriandre is the best (and last) of a certain type of packaging – the box of epic architectural surface design. In this case, the cold, stark green depth of granite flecked with flashes of white, edged in gold, brings to mind monumental buildings, sarcophagi. Removing the bottle, the austerity carries over to the heavy marbleized cap on a weighty, frosted rectangular vessel. Like nearly every chypre, Coriandre does not fail to wrap the wearer in that particularly fascinating opening of sharp citrus punctuated by the hint of warm-sourness brought together by oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli. Coriandre has a lovely flutter of aldehydes that are perfectly dosed to lighten and freshen the perfume into something extremely bright, borderline soapy as it contacts the air and skin. Instantly the perfume rises dimensionally in a complex whorl of the chypre fingerprint: mossy, ambery, animalic, floral, but at its heart the enigmatic spice of east and west: Coriander.

Is there a spice as divisive as coriander? So warm, lemony and resinous in its seed form, so aromatic, musty and fragile as fresh leaves. As an essential oil, it can be drawn from either source (more affordably from the seeds,) but even this extraction reflects the greener moments of the whole plant. Coriandre combines this essence with trace bits of flowers to produce a remarkable perfume experience as it reaches its heart notes. The opening bergamot has transferred its greenness to coriander seed and then moves softly to jade-like cool civet, musk and sandalwood. Such a full-throated perfume ends on the gentlest of pianissimo endings, akin to walking to the very end of a garden and entering the loggia at sunset. Coriandre is this journey from the outdoors in, of bold beginnings, and soothing returns. So although the concept of the chypre may be strictly a “fantasy” formulation by the famous house of Coty in the early 20th century, Coriandre has claimed its own particularly green corner of this island world.

Honorable Mentions: Oriza L. Legrand Chypre Mousse, MCDI Parfums Chypre Palatin,Carven Ma Griffe, Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Guerlain Sous le Vent, Parfums Regence Oakmoss

What are your favorite chypre aromas?


Bella van der Weerd

Bella van der Weerd Editor, Writer & Translator

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Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

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Elena Vosnaki

Elena Vosnaki Editor, Writer & Translator

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John Biebel

John Biebel Writer

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Miguel Matos

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Thanks for a great article on my favorite perfume category. There are so many glorious chypres, here are some of my loved ones:
Rochas Mystere
Miss Dior Originale
Gucci 3
Trussardi Trussardi
Givenchy III
and many many more!

shenamedel 06/27/21 12:44

Chypre Is My Beloved Fragrance Category As Well & I Always Need It To Feel Fully Satisfied & Nourished & Nurtured. Thank You Fragrantica Editors For These Amazing Articles & Please Keep Them Circulating! Also, I Would Love To Know What The Difference Is Between Classic Chypre & Modern Chypre Fragrances & How To Adjust Our Way Of Thinking To Embrace The Modern Chypre As Well. I Grew Up In The 70's & 80's Where I Fell In Love With The Then Bitter Lemon-Lime Calandre, Fidji, & Many Others That I Don't Know The Names Of, & Yet, Crave & Long To Know Now. I So Miss The Ones That I Felt Were Too Much For Me Then, But Maybe I Can Embrace Now, Like Gres Cabochard, & Others Like It. I Have & Love Liz Claiborne, Halston, Nicole Miller, Jil Stuart #4, Aromatics Elixer, Pheremone, Paloma Picasso, Carolina Herrera, & First By Van Cleef & Arpels. I Also Have Rive Gauche & Calandre & #19, But I Only Ever Smell A Gin & Tonic Cocktail Scent. I Also Had & Loved Vivre Molyneux Eau De Toilette & So Miss It, Especially The Drydown, OMG! & The Eau De Toilette Vivre Molyneux Is Missing From Fragrantica Database. I Would Love To See It Added In, So I Could Add My Comments As Well.

LSAUG 05/28/21 06:16

I just made another chypre style fragrance purchase from Gather Perfumes called Secret. It has bergamot and oakmoss, like a classic chypre but it has a fruity twist from apricot. The owner/nose/creator at Gather perfumes Ananda Wilson used to wear Guerlain's Mitsouko before she got into creating her own all natural fragrances. Like I said in my previous comment below I'm new to the fragrance world and I find I prefer naturals. The only non natural fragrances I wear now are from Henry Rose and 1 from Scent Strip (although they use mostly natural oils) I own several of Gather's fragrances and wish more of Ananda's creations were featured on this website so I could comment on them. They are brilliant. Anyway if you want to check out all natural chypre style fragrances try Secret and Vintage Violet by Gather perfumes. And Moss Gown by Providence Perfume Company. And a final note. I love this magazine, it has really educated me about perfumes and starting this as a hobby has been so much fun for me, my husband and for my niece. As close as we all are we have bonded even more while sharing perfumes. Reading the articles in this magazine and writing comments on my thoughts on the fragrances I have sampled has been a huge bright spot during COVID. Thanks again to all who work at Fragrantica.
China Affair

nhledger 05/28/21 04:50

@Vegas Pauli, wow! A pure parfum Safari...I'd love to get a whiff of that!
Chypres are one of my absolute favourite perfume genres. Always so classy and timeless, regardless of whether they're a 100 year old or 5 year old creation. My favourite chypres are many but include:
vintage Miss Dior (mine are mostly circa 1970)
Mitsouko edp
Chypre Siam
Coty Chypre (a sensational fragrance...what I wouldn't give for a bottle of that stuff but I'll make do with my tiny sample instead)
Magie Noire
Paloma Picasso
vintage Ivoire de Balmain
...and there are other frags I love that have already been mentioned below (such as my beloved Fendi) but which don't behave much like a chypre on my skin, so I don't include them here on my list (despite that I adore them).
Thank you for the lovely article.
Edit: oh yes, I forgot to mention Halston Classic, a treasure of a perfume!
Vegas Pauli
Libre Intense

Vegas Pauli 05/26/21 14:39

I have a bottle of vintage Ralph Lauren Safari in the pure parfum concentration. The oakmoss and greenness can knock out a horse (in a good way of course). Is Safari considered a Chypre?

LSAUG 05/26/21 05:42

I'm kind of new to the fragrance world and have been building a collection when the COVID lockdowns started. Much love to the post office and all delivery people during COVID! They are all great! Anyway I never knew what a chypre was before and found out I never wore one, at least to my knowledge. Now I own 2 and I love them both. The 1st one I bought is Moss Gown from Providence Perfume Company. It is very aromatic, mossy and powdery. And the 2nd one is Vintage Violet by Gather perfumes. It has a feral quality to it in the opening that I find unusual. The dry down is earthy, musky and slight powder on the skin. Both perfumes have many accords and notes and are very complex. I guess that is what a chypre is supposed to do right, kind of trick your nose into smelling an overall affect and not be able to pick out certain notes? They have a vintage vibe that I really like and I now know this type of fragrance has been around for a long time and my Grandmother wore this style, wearing chypre's is very new to me. Thanks for the article, very interesting.
Carpe Noctem
Nuit et Confidences

Carpe Noctem 05/26/21 02:16

I agree with Dioressence-the original. I wore it as a teen. Didn't even know how classy I was back then! haha
Miss Dior Cherie

lzak 05/25/21 21:35

Dioressence, Chanel Chance EDP, Miss Dior 2012.
Mediterranean Neroli

Louismanuel 05/27/19 06:14

And the winner is....
Toni Gard

Anywho 05/26/19 00:33

I have always loved chypre scents and Fendi Original is one of my all time favourites. Dioressence, Ciur de Lancome are both beautiful as is Yvresse, which I only recently discovered; a friend gifted me some of hers. One that hasn’t been mentioned so far and which has been discontinued for years now, as far as I know, is Moments by Priscilla Presley. I wore this in Germany in the 90‘s and it was a very wearable fragrance of this scent category. I will always miss this one.

Heretic_Housewife 05/24/19 21:24

I really like chypre fragrances. Aromatics Elixir, Diva, Coriandre, Halston, Ivoire de Balmain, Magie Noire and Femme are all in my collection.

gazelle 05/23/19 09:44

I always loved chypres even when I didn't know why. Avon Occur is the first I can remember wearing. My world was turned upside down by 80's Coty Chypre, followed by Cristalle, Byzance, Aromatics Elixer, Sisley- Soir, MORE, through today's Estee Lauder Azuree. The articles above offer more to explore. Thank you, Fragrantica.
Le Peau Nue

mimi61 05/23/19 05:45

Thank you for a lovely article. I have loved chypres long before I knew there was a name for my favorite fragrances.
Most of them have been mentioned but I would add
Sikkim Lancome
Sinan Jean Marc Sinan
Ellipse Jacques Fath
Panache Nerval
L de Loewe
Libertine V.Westwood
wagners erda
Comme Une Evidence L'Eau

wagners erda 05/22/19 23:42

Great article and some of my favourites are there. Here are my choices

Trussardi Trussardi
Dior Dior
Miss Dior (original)
Rochas Femme (amazing!)
Chanel No 19
E L Knowing (gorgeous!)
Paloma Picasso
Guerlain Mitsouko both EdP and EdT

I need to wear a chypre today!
Royal Pavillon

valerieeburns 05/22/19 21:07

To my fellow chypre lovers: please check out Rogue Perfumery. Manuel Cross has created a collection of unabashedly "non-IFRA compliant" fragrances that are swoon-worthy, and he proudly displays a gorgeous photo of our beloved Evernia prunastri on his Etsy website (hint-hint). His boxed sample set is a must!
Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

PerfumeEmpress 05/22/19 14:33

My favorite chypres:

Parfum de Peau
Paloma Picasso's eponymous frag.
Mitsouko (original, of course!)
Niki de Saint Phalle (this was my sig frag for a long time)
Vivara, Pucci (the 1965 version, naturally)
Van Cleef & Arpels
Capucci Pour Femme
Silences, Jacomo
Cabochard and Quiproquo, Gres
Rive Gauche, YSL
Jolie Madame, Balmain (my mom's favorite)
Bottega Veneta (never fails to get me compliments)

I've worn them them all (originals). Yes, I'm that old.
Nahema Eau de Parfum

indigo 05/22/19 13:15

How lovely to see Coriandre mentioned. I recently tested out (properly) my tiny vintage mini & have just ordered a new EDP full bottle as a result! I love Dioressence, both vintage & the current version, & Miss Dior Originale edt.

I love the "bite" & air of mystery in many of them, a lovely counter balance to a perfume world that sometimes has just a little bit too much sugar in it. I think Chypres are starting to make a bit of a come-back.

Phantomias 05/22/19 05:15

Chypres can be vexing scents, ranging from soft florals to the downright bitter. I've had difficulties with some members of that particular family. While I admire the oakmossy perfumes, they can be hard to wear. Personal favorites are Fendi, Diva, Chanel No. 19 before it was ruined, Emprise and the incomparable Elixir. So pleased the article highlights the beautiful Coriandre. I wore it many years ago, and may have to get some again.

tlusif 05/21/19 17:55

Great article! Thank you for sharing - and that goes for Fragrantica members, too.
My tops (vintage versions!!):
EL Knowing
Piguet Bandit
Paloma Picasso
Montana Parfum de Peau
Oriza L. Legrand Chypre Mousse
Sisley's Eau du Soir is pretty fantastic too, but I give it only 'honorable mention' because its potency renders it unwearable.
Chance Eau Fraiche

sherryberry 03/26/18 16:16

What a great article!! Chypres just happen to be my favorite genre of perfume. Too much is never enough!! Here are my favorites:

Chanel Cristalle EDT
Chanel #19 EDT
YSL Rive Gauche
Halston Halston Classic

and for men, I love:

Estee Lauder Lauder for Men

mufulia 03/26/18 14:18

mine are:
Shiseido Koto
Jil Sander II (discontinued)
Montana Parfum de Peau
Aromatics Elixir
Jean Louis Scherrer

Catty 03/26/18 14:00

Chypre is my beoved Family, and my favorites are:

1) eau du soir
2) Cristalle
3) Paloma Picasso edt
4) Coco Mdemoiselle
5) Chance edp
6) Diva
7) Knowing
Oud Vainilla

rbalkris 03/26/18 09:41

My favorites are
Chypre Mousse
Chypre Palatin
Aimez - Moi

secorneli1202 03/26/18 08:43

My fav chypres of all time:

Ivoire de Balmain
Diva Pepite
Parfum de Nuit Alberta Ferretti

and finally, an underrated beauty:

Histoire D`Amour Aubusson

Patchouligoth 03/26/18 07:21

Fendi,Elixir,Knowing....My top three.So hard to choose.I really like Azuree,too.So much like Aramis.Id spray that one on my wrist as a child,trying to understand this strange yet compelling aroma.If I had to pick one fragrance only from the chypre category,I'd go with the Fendi.
Potion for Women

pollyjt 03/25/18 23:47

Hands down it has to be Aromatics Elixir (or Anateus if you're a guy)
L'Instant Magic Limited Edition

colabama 03/25/18 17:12

My favourite is Flambeau by Faberge,long discontinued.It smelled like heaven!
Baiser Vole

HennaQueen 03/25/18 16:28

My absolute favorite Chypre is Fendi EDP for women. I have been heart-broken over how it has been discontinued! The EDT version (vintage, not the reformulation) is also lovely, and I find it to be spicier than the EDP. Cuir de Lancome EDP is a close second favorite Chypre in my collection.

My other favorite Chypres are:

Bandit by Robert Piguet
Jolie Madame by Pierre Balmain
Paloma Picasso EDP
Diva EDP by Ungaro
Cabochard EDT by Gres
Capucci de Capucci EDT by Roberto Capucci

With the exception of Cuir de Lancome, the vintage versions of each are my favorites. I do find that the most recent Paloma Picasso EDP is a pretty decent formulation but the vintage is THE BOMB!
Isabey Gardenia

charloppe 03/25/18 15:09

Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours
Hermes 24 Faubourg

Catty 03/25/18 14:12

I´m a chypre fan. My top 5 chypres are:

1) eau du soir
2) Cristalle
3) Paloma Picasso edt
3) Coco Mademoiselle Chanel edp
4) Chance Chanel edp
5) Diva
Burberry Brit Sheer (2015)

LadyPilot 03/25/18 12:20

Chypre scents are just amazing - magical, mysterious, like a deep dark forest.
My favs:
Paloma Picasso
Passion Dance
Chypre d'Orient Molinard
Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial L'Eau

JacquieDS 07/14/17 03:29

Can anyone tell me if Mitsouko edt is any good?
I didn't know Rive Gauche is a chypre....

toothdoc7007 12/22/16 06:47

nightingale zoologist is my favorite! i feel like a 20's flapper in a silk dress when i wear this fragrance!

Catty 12/08/16 14:35

It was a delight to read this article.
Chypre is my beloved group in perfumery. I would mention still the following ones:
- Quartz Molyneux
- So Pretty Cartier
- Eau de Soir Sisley
- Soir de Lune Sisley
- Paloma Picasso edt
- Tiffany for Women
- Diva Emmanuel Ungaro

Congrats for the article!

irisjetaime 12/08/16 06:18

Rive Gauche YSL
Femme Rochas
Miss Dior (Original) --> Evidemment...
La Fuite de heures Balenciaga
L'Heure Bleue Guerlain
First Van Cleef (dans la famille des chypres fruités)

La liste est probablement la plus longue des parfums....
Et les nez qui les sentent (c a d nous) sont encore plus nombreux
Infusion Mandarine

zoranna 11/26/16 17:38

Antaeus (vintage) is my unicorn
other favorites

Mitsouko EDT Vintage
YSL Y Vintage

I'd love to try Halston, Mitsouko Vintage Extrait & EDP

Hildegerd 11/22/16 07:49


Starlett_Sexton 11/21/16 09:25

EL Knowing all the way! Love it! Star
Yvresse (Champagne)

Precisely 11/21/16 00:05

YSL Yvresse, not included? But of course it should be! My other beloved Chypres: Niki de Saint Phalle, Ma Griffe, Courreges Empreinte (orig), Peau de Soie, Animale Animale, Cabochard Gres, Halston (orig), Balmain Ivoire, Chanel Cristalle, and Vent Vert.
Urban Hipster

Shibor 11/20/16 10:01

Fetish by Roja Dove is a good interpretation of the chypre theme.
La DameDeNoir

La DameDeNoir 11/18/16 05:15

Great article. As fan of Chypre fragances, I can nonetheless that say thank you to all of you.

Aromatics Elixir is a longtime favourite of mine. The pity is that all those wonderful perfumes are closing to an end, due to the restrictions of the use of certain raw materials, the mainstreams tastes of today and other reasons.

Anyway, thank you.

Yourfoxiness 11/17/16 21:07

Such a great read, thank you! Top chypres or "pseudo chypres" for me

Niki de St Phalle
L Temps D Une Fete
Halston Classic
La Perla
Gucci 3
L Arte
I'm forgetting many..
Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue

kriziaprincess 11/17/16 08:34

L'arte de Gucci...I would do anything to have this perfume in my life!! and the queen Paloma PIcasso, my mothers favorite. and EL Knowing gets an honorable mention from me : )
Oranger Alhambra

Bstefcorbin 11/17/16 00:46

Graduated H.S. class of '87 - I've always been a chypre gal! Sisley's Eau du Soir is still my "signature." Gucci no.III holds the fondest memories for me though. That coriander note! I was crazy for Erte' back then, and the art deco bottle was just so cool! Karl Lagerfelds' Chloe was a love at first sniff, I remember dabbing it on my neck and behind my ears before my first prom - wearing a strapless gold lame' Guinnie Sax gown! Thank you for another great article! :)
Collection Heritage Adieu Sagesse

Mary-Jayne 11/02/16 19:58

I am sure there is very little I can add to the many comments already posted, but when has that ever stopped me from trying?!!
Chypre fragrances always felt like "grown up" perfumes to me when I was younger. Well, in some ways they still do feel like proper grown ups perfume, it's just I now consider myself to be grown up big enough to partake in the joys a good chypre brings! But for a good portion of my life, when I was a child or a teenager, chypres were among those special, sacred perfumes that seemed reserved for proper women - women who could wear swishy skirts, soft chiffon blouses, delicate pearl earrings, and high heeled shoes and not look like they'd just raided the dressing up box!
Of course I have grown into a person who is highly unlikely to wear any of those things, except for the chypre perfumes.

I always see classic style chypres as being painted in tones of greens and browns, in earthy tones like sage green, the light beige of dry earth in a hot climate, a palate that would in fact be fittingly perfect for the landscapes in Cyprus in high summer.

Some of my favourite chypre fragrances are:
Guerlain Mitsouko
Rochas Femme
Balenciaga Le Dix
Balenciaga Cialenga
Creed Irisia
Acqua di Parma Profumo
Amouage Jubilation woman
Bois 1920 Come la Luna
Caron N'Aimez que Moi
Guerlain Chant d'Aromes

I am sure I have forgotten something off the list though!
Midnight Poison

Olotitan 10/22/16 00:43

My Favorite:
Halston Couture
Montana Parfum de Peau (Must Try!
Paloma Picasso
Ivoire de Balmain
Galanos (Must have! hands down my fav of all times..
Classic Elegance and Sensual Chypre!
Magie Noire!
Deneuve Catherine Deneuve!
Midnight Poison

Olotitan 10/22/16 00:40

My Favorite:
Halston Couture
Montana Parfum de Peau (Must Try!
Paloma Picasso
Ivoire de Balmain
Galanos (Must have! hands down my fav of all times..
Classic Elegance and Sensual Chypre!

gazelle 10/21/16 13:32

Chypres are my favorites. Among my most favorite: Coty Chypre, Salvador Dali Parfum, Aromatics Elixir, Mitsouko, and many more. Many thanks for the article.
Saks Fifth Avenue for Her

ThEnAuGhTyPrOf. 10/20/16 21:03

Wow! What a great article! Chypre............, a true staple to everyone's collection.... I've had a few beauties in my journey and it's extremely difficult to break it down to a top 10 or even 5...... I've sniffed out so many great ones, I guess I may as well focus on my Holy Grail [3]………

These are the gold standard- the ones that have really really stood out to me though and they are part of my regular yearly rotation, no matter how large the collection gets. One of these I can no longer even find- so I refuse to spray more than twice.....

1. Roja Dove: Vetiver
2. Brooks Brothers New York Gentleman
3. Muscs Koublai Khan by Serge Lutens
Iris Prima

a-holy-terror 10/20/16 09:07

Bandit is my all time favourite chypre!
Green Tea

Arlene-Beatrix 10/20/16 04:56

I like soft chypre scents like Diamonds Club by Armani. Watery mandarin, rose and patchouli. Simple and perfect!
Giorgio for Men

nez 10/20/16 04:28

Nice article guys, I love chypre perfumes and I come from Cyprus, isn't that terrible?

My favs are:
-Guilded lily by Ineke
-Cabochard de Grès
-Halston by Halston
-Capucci pour Homme by Capucci
-Quiproquo de Grès
-Basala by Shiseido (wish I could get my hands on a bottle)
-Paloma by Paloma Picasso
-Silences by Jacomo

NebraskaLovesScent 10/17/16 17:32

There were so many in this category for me that I couldn't pick one to include in this article, LOL!

Aromatics, Mitsouko and Coriandre, yes, yes, yes!

Niki de Saint Phalle
Providence Perfume Co. Moss Gown
La Perla La Perla
Paloma Picasso
Ivoire de Balmain
Molinard Chypre d'Orient
Molinard de Molinard
Ineke Gilded Lily

I better just stop there. Viva the chypre!
Belle d'Opium

knotslandinggirl 10/17/16 16:31

My top 3 are
Eau du soir Sisley
Clinique aromatics elixir
Mitsouko edp
Alien Man

guynspfld 10/17/16 12:55

My favorite type of scent!!!! Great article! I think some other chypre or the like. Fresh Cannabis Rose, Sisley Eau de Soir, Bond No 9 H.O.T Always, Bond No. 9 Silver Factory, Aramis 900, Tom Ford White Patchouli and Noir de Noir, Shiseido Zen, Tokyo Milk Dark Excess. Just some if the most wonderful scents that seem to be part of this amazing category. Again, great article
Dior Addict Eau Delice

arzacu 10/17/16 12:17

Favourites Chypres:

-Creation by Ted Lapidus
-Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

For Men:

-Antaeus by Chanel
-Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene (this one has all the "chypre" elements but I'm still thinking it's more of a "green floral" since its bitter-soapy-powdery combo, vegetal notes and green flowers)

Bajar 10/17/16 10:20

Oh dear editors, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful article and your suggestions. I haven't loved any other group of perfumes as passionately as chypres and a quick look in my wardrobe can prove it. I can't explain why I love them so much but when I smell most of them, I feel like being in my safe place, like returning to the bosom of Mother Nature.
I always have a liking for the green ones but I also love the bold chypres of '80s and those that are somewhere between the oriental and the leather group.

Cristalle EdT wears the crown for more than 15 years now in my life.

All the classics mentioned above are favourites too but if I have to choose or add some the list would be like this

Paco Rabanne -La nuit
Christian Dior - Miss Dior (Original)
Montana - Parfum de Peau
Sisley - Eau de Soir
Piguet - Bandit
Guerlain - Parure
Balengiaga - Cialenga

As for Antaeus, for many years it was the only masculine perfume I loved from Chanel. I find it irresistible on a man but I admit that I really enjoy it on me as well.
Le Sillage Blanc

Aafridi 10/17/16 09:42

Wonderful article.My favorite chypre fragrances.
I adore these from my have list:
JoAnne Bassett Intimacy, Chanel Antaeus, Guerlain Coriolan, Oriza L. Legrand Chypre Mousse, Guerlain Mitsouko, Aramis Aramis, Aramis 900, Jacomo Silences, Jean-Louis Scherrer, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Chanel Pour Monsieur, Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir, Clinique Aromatics Elixir, Davidoff Davidoff for men, Emanuel Ungaro Diva, Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel, Van Cleef & Arpels Tsar, Lancome Magie Noire, Capucci Pour Homme, Monsieur de Givenchy, Perles De Lalique, Revlon Charlie Blue and Yardley Chique
Want to buy these at the moment:
Dusita Le Sillage Blanc Parfums
DSH Perfumes Rendezvous
Chyprissime by Thierry Mugler
Paco Rabanne La Nuit
Bond No 9 Bleecker Street
Paloma Picasso Paloma Picasso
Cartier La Panthere
La Fille de Berlin

jana.hullinghorst 10/17/16 08:26

my faves:
eau du soir
shalimar PI
Iris 39
Mitsouko EDT
Chanel 19
Bottega Veneta

there are sooo many beauties, this is a favorite of mine in general. LOVE Chypres!

heather62 10/17/16 07:32

In my collection so far are:

Aramis 900
Paloma Picasso

PeymanAhi 10/17/16 06:12

My Favorites From Chypre Category:

Chypre Palatin by MDCI ❤️


Diaghilev by Roja Dove ❤️
Just Rock! for Her

gledmagicwater 10/17/16 02:25

My favorite chypre....
Chanel 19
Aromatic elixir
Eau de soir
Arpege(it is a chypre????)
O de Lancome

Mas777 10/17/16 00:37

My favorite chypre is always Cristalle ,EDT, Chanel.
I love to feel myself in an enchanted forest ;)
Live Colorfully

sweaterfreak 10/16/16 21:34

My all time favorite chypre is:
Dioressence (1979)
My favorite chypre floral is a tie between:
Niki de Saint Phalle (1982)
Lauren Tuxedo (1979 but Long Lost's is also good)
Honorable chypre mentions to:
Pucci Vivara (1965)
Capucci Graffiti (1963)
Crepe de Chine (have only tried Long Lost Perfume's version)
Violettes de Toulouse Eau de Parfum

vintage_scent 10/16/16 20:20

A favorite modern chypre is Une Rose Chypre...but my all time favorite is Le Dix
Boudoir is also a favorite...

LLB_addict 10/16/16 20:15

Knowing! Hands DOWN.
Camp Beverly Hills

krmarich 10/16/16 18:45

My favorite chypre for men are:

Gray Flannel
Giorgio Beverly Hills
Guerlain Coriolan

There are not many, really for men if you think about it as the fougere seems to dominate the market.
Chanel 1957

SuzanneS 10/16/16 18:26

Magie Noire
Moonlight In Chiangmai

Filomena1941 10/16/16 17:45

Great article. I would say Mitsouko is my vey favorite but I actually have several of the listed chypres.. I did not realize SMN Melograno was a chore but I really like that one as well as Hiram Green's Shangrila.
drugstore classics

drugstore classics 10/16/16 17:11

Wonderful, wonderful article and suggestions from our editors!

I myself had but to dip my toes into the world of perfumes to fall in love with the chypre, and interestingly enough, not out of happy associations. I tend to love this category as passionately as if they were from my own era..... Perhaps they are dreams of the life I was too late to enjoy?

Certainly you've listed many favorites... I adore these:

Aromatics Elixir
Paloma Picasso
Bill Blass Basic Black
Niki de Saint Phalle
Montana ( a must try!)
Animale Animale
Ivoire de Balmain
Balmain de Balmain
Perla La Perla
K de Krizia

Of the glorious chypres, perhaps Montana is the most dramatic yet to be mentioned. A more compelling example would be hard to find!
Les Belles de Ricci Liberty Fizz

KaseyC 10/16/16 16:01

thank you for sharing your favorite Chypre fragrances. i hated Chypre until i met Giorgio Armani ARMANI last year. it was love at first sniff.

StellaDiverFlynn 10/16/16 14:05

As a Chypre newbie, my favourite is Oriza L. Legrand Chypre Mousse. This fragrance is magical! It transports me to an autumn forest with mushroom and plush humide mossy floor instantly. <3 I also enjoy Cartier La Panthère, Estée Lauder Jasmin White Moss and Hiram Green Shangri-La.
Adelaide Rocks

Adelaide Rocks 10/16/16 13:50

Neither Estee Lauder's Aliage or Azuree have rockrose/labdanum in the notes, but I had always thought these were chypres. They are definitely among my favorites regardless of the classification.
And thank you all for giving me a whole new set of fragrances to try :-)

I can't wait to try Antaeus; masculine chypres is a new concept for me.
Eau d'Orange Verte

Lunchbox148 10/16/16 13:22

Great read... I love Antaeus... One of the best fragrances I've ever sniffed.

Douceamere 10/16/16 13:07

Oh, great choices! Good to see Antaeus on the list! I adore chypres, and my favourites are Mitsouko extrait, Bandit and Miss Dior Original.

Alex1984 10/16/16 12:57

Great article! One of my favorite genres, which unfortunately is in such demise that the alternative is eBay hunting for vintages. And as a Cypriot born, I have to agree on many things. Cyprus forests have a very particular smell; herbal, mossy, wood and sap, and a crispness from the clean air that is not ozonic, but more incensey. And Aromatics Elixir, one of the very very few surviving marvels is the one closest to capturing that authentic Chypre power and beauty!
raw umber
Nirvana Black

raw umber 10/16/16 12:43

My favorite is Melograno by SMN.
All Good Things

kapted 10/16/16 12:31

Funnily, nearly all are in my favourites list. I'd have to say that as a composition, Mitsouko tops the list, but my daily divine ambrosia is Paloma Picasso. It is a stunning scent from first sniff from the bottle til 5 hours later when I wave my arm in front of my face. There is not a single moment when I don't fall into her embrace.
Le Serval

mellene 10/16/16 11:32

Modern day Roja Dove RISQUÉ, and vintage era Guerlain MITSOUKO.
Naturelle Osmanthus

Frayja 10/16/16 11:03

Very nice article,thank you all.
I so much love the chypre group of perfumes,unfortunately they don't love me much!
Except my beloved Knowing and Halston classic who performs well on my skin.
But are to many I like to smell on others,you mentioned the most of them.

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