Café De Chiang Mai by Proad: Sweet, Creamy, Coffee & Booze
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by Sergey Borisov
07/01/21 23:49:01 ( 19 comments )

"Careful man, there's a beverage here!"
-Big Lebowski

We recently announced a new collection, A Place Of Memories, conceived by Thai perfumer Jutinat Piyaweerawong, owner and art director of Thai perfume brand PROAD. We promised to keep an eye on new additions - and today, we will tell you about another fragrance, Café de Chiang Mai. As the name implies, the fragrance is dedicated to the perfumer's memories of a city in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai.

Cafe de Chiang Mai Proad


Jutinat Piyaweerawong: "Chiang Mai is a remarkably enchanting city and always impressive when stopping by. This is a place where traditional cultures, fair customs, nature, and prosperity are perfectly integrated. Amiable people, beautiful smiles, and leisure livings attract us with their loveliness, for which we cannot help but smile jovially. A city full of big-and-small cafes in its every corner, thus making the scent of coffee the city's uniqueness.

"The cool breeze in December and a cup of warm coffee with the mild scent of Champak flower, and at night, sitting inertly with some drinks in a little bar while letting go with jazz music, are my personal impressions of Chiang Mai. Therefore, the fragrance’s interpretation of this city might come out differently from what you might have felt. Even though Chiang Mai has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, I still do believe that nothing could ever take away the fascination and beauty of this city. I am awaiting old feelings of indulgence and looking to fulfill brand-new experiences for a dispirited life in Bangkok city."


Cafe de Chiang Mai Proad

Coffee, champaca, adult drinks, and jazz; it sounds like a good plan of action! What does the fragrance itself offer? Cafe De Chiang Mai, as a coffee perfume, will not appeal to lovers of old-school double espresso or Americanos for breakfast. Instead of a bitter pulse of energy, it gives a lot of smell, a lot of taste, and plenty of sweetness. This perfume is for lovers of the various sweet syrups in coffee, for those to whom the variety 'coffee-frappuccino' is more important than the true taste of coffee and the proper roasting. 'Sugar and spice, and everything nice' - as it goes in the nursery rhyme.

First, we are greeted by a burst of spicy rum, but not pirate liquor; it's something well-made and well-aged - with spices, raisins, dried fruits, vanilla, and a little bit of alcohol, due to the addition of a creamy liqueur. Or even a mixture of several cream liqueurs - coffee liqueur, cream liqueur, cocoa liqueur. It's like the White Russian cocktail, made based on rum (perhaps there is a special name for such a cocktail? 'White Pirate?' 'White Cuban?'), together with the chocolate-creamy Brandy Alexander cocktail.

Cafe de Chiang Mai Proad

Secondly, a very soft and warm floral accord in which rose dominates - it is not easy to spot it in this sweet sandwich between its sweet, creamy cocktail and the gourmand balsamic base, but it is necessary here. It gives the fragrance warmth and life and a little more powder.

And finally, we get the amber base of Cafe De Chiang Mai with a predominance of vanilla, benzoin, and sandalwood. Almost edible, on the border between an amber parfum and a gourmand - maybe in amusement parks, a cotton candy flavor with the taste of the White Russian cocktail would be very popular. And the Big Lebowski would appreciate the smell of his favorite cocktail.

Of the fragrances I know, Black Phantom by Kilian is the most suitable for comparison with Cafe De Chiang Mai by Proad - they go through all the stages of development together. Beside the persistence (where the Thai perfume wins hands down), their differences are minimal: in Black Phantom, there is a clear perfume-like accent on chocolate and patchouli in the base, prolonging the roasted coffee shade, while the accent in Cafe De Chiang Mai by Proad is put on sweetness, the balsamic benzoin, and the creamy sandalwood. You don't even need to talk about the price difference - it is colossal.

Cafe de Chiang Mai Proad

The fragrances from the A Place Of Memories 2021 collection are available on the official PROAD website - 30 ml bottles are priced at only 1959 Thai Baht. The next new edition, Akiba by Thai perfumer Tada Archawong, will be released in July 2021, and it will be a different, completely unsweet story.


Cafe De Chiang Mai Proad

Top notes: Rum, Bergamot, Neroli, Black Pepper, Hazelnut, and Sugar;
Middle notes: Coffee, Jasmine, Champaca, Violet, Geranium, Rose, and Orchid;
Base notes: Chocolate, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla, Benzoin, Heliotrope, Amber, and Tobacco.


Sergey Borisov

Sergey Borisov Editor, Columnist

Sergey Borisov studied Physics at Krasnoyarsk University. He's been known in the Internet perfume world under the nickname moon_fish for more than 15 years. His texts about perfumes have been published in Russian print and online publications such as GQ, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, The Rake, Glamour, and other magazines. He loves oud oils, as well as vintage perfumes, and notes of leather, vetiver, neroli, and orris. In 2013, Sergey joined the Fragrantica team.

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Capelli D'Oro

moonfish67 07/07/21 03:12

2Don Pitralon
Try to find Black Vetiver Cafe by Jo Malone. They discontinued the thing... :(
Le Male Essence de Parfum

Speedway 07/06/21 02:27

Akiba, mentioned in the last paragraph, is terrific and odd. Tried it today and enjoyed the notes of plastic and metallic. Quirky like Imaginary Authors

rickyrebarco 07/04/21 11:35

I love coffee perfumes so I will seek out a sample of this one.
Don Pitralon
Étui Noir

Don Pitralon 07/03/21 23:55

95% of coffee perfumes is sweet and creamy. Never quite figured out why. Of course one look at a queue in Starbucks gives you a hint with every single person ordering spiced vanilla caramel latte, but somehow I refuse to believe that people who love their coffee bitter and dark have disappeared from the face of the Earth. Yet perfume industry must think so. If I’d love to smell like Italian espresso, I will have to keep dreaming.
Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi

jaguarundina 07/03/21 00:43

I have to agree with you all. the thoughts and feelings also passed my insights. this is the nice thing about 'perfumology': that we can have fun in comparing perspectives and that would be mirrored in each ones collection of perfumes ! love
aad de gids
Capsule Collection This Is Her

kassinator 07/02/21 22:51

This sounds beautiful and something I hope to try some day! By looking at the website I don’t think they ship to the US. Hopefully they will start to, or someone else will start carrying the brand! Also, there is some serious ugliness in a small amount of comments below. Thankfully the more recent comments are wonderful. Thank you SorcelEver for sharing your unique perspective! I loved reading your comment.

SorcelEver 07/02/21 22:41

As a person who lives in Chiang Mai, I would say both perfumes take on different perspective of Chiang Mai city.

Moonlight in Chiang Mai by Dusita captures the essence of Loy Kratong Festival (called Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai) which is an annual festival in Thailand held in the full moon night of November. But what makes Yi Peng special is the floating lanterns lit during the festival which gives spectacular scenery when you look at the sky during that night. (The lanterns scene in Disney's Tangled looks exactly like that).

On the other hand, Café De Chiang Mai by Proad captures the whole picture of Chiang Mai City.
Chiang Mai is a small city but full of coffee shops and boulangeries. Big, small, modern, traditional, etc... you can find almost every style of coffee shops all over Chiang Mai. Especially, Nimmanhemin district where Proad official store is located. There are like hundreds of coffee shops in that area.

In conclusion, Café De Chiang Mai is like everyday in Chiang Mai city while Moonlight in Chiang Mai is that one special festive night.

Also.... I think comparing these 2 brands are a little bit unfair.
Dusita is a niche brand aims toward high-end customers. They are owned by Thai perfumer but don't even have a store in Thailand because they know that most of Thai people cannot afford their perfume (and I'm being serious here...especially in this current political situation)
While Proad/MITH is a local brand with more accessible price.
Capelli D'Oro

moonfish67 07/02/21 22:19

just use Fragrantica search engine to find how many perfumes are named after Paris, London, Berlin, etc. by different lux and niche brands - are they all tasteless?
You could love Dusita, of course, - but it does not include bashing other brands.
The perfumes about Chiangmai are VERY different and they create different pictures of the city, as their creators perceive them.
Fresh Morning

LSAUG 07/02/21 17:09

I always thought perfumes came w/ a story. That is part of the reason we buy them. The story is part of the seduction, part of the lure to get you to buy. I don't mind it, I want a story.
Gabe palabras

Gabe palabras 07/02/21 14:34

Sounds like a great city since being mentioned in a few instances, however my question is if they do have shipping to the US
Happy July 4th
Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi

jaguarundina 07/02/21 08:03

Pissara Umavijani of Dusita is the Thai foundress of Parfums Dusita. she has probably had likewise experiences with this Thai specific cultural city Chiang Mai. @PanurgeJr the whole perfumial industry is ripping off of each other in whichever nichiste, commercial, vintage, aplomb ingredients etc., way. it is not longer possible to come with something rare and exceptional. the two perfumes are of course not alike. perfumes have to come with 'a story' now and the stories are comparable. it isn't a crime I guess. just the whole industry becoming more and more like the nauseating world. do me a Dusita anytime !
Fresh Morning

LSAUG 07/02/21 07:59

This brand has some interesting offerings, I'm not a coffee fan so this one doesn't appeal to me but other from this brand sound very nice. I wish I could sample a few of their offerings but they are not available, even at Lucky Scent.

PanurgeJr 07/02/21 06:43

@jaguarundina That's one of the most absurd statements I've ever seen. Proad is a Thai company and Chiang Mai a Thai city, yet somehow they're tastelessly ripping off a French company's name? You'd have been less absurd (but not by much) if you had accused Dusita of cultural appropriation and told them to stick to Paris and Marseille for their names.

keloidmilk 07/02/21 05:58

I want this perfume and my rug back please. That rug really tied the room together.

ayayah 07/02/21 03:39

I really want to try this fragrance and this brand in general.
Neroli Voyage

Cloud57 07/02/21 02:56

FYI that’s equivalent to $60 US dollars
Kelly Caleche

Dr_Cece 07/02/21 02:44

I'm dying to try this brand but they aren't easily available. Grrr!
Carpe Noctem
Nuit et Confidences

Carpe Noctem 07/02/21 01:53

I’ve never tried this brand but WOW this sounds delicious!

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