Cheirosa '40 by Sol de Janeiro: A Review
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by Beth Carsten
06/18/21 17:28:02 ( 5 comments )

Mist on white back

Cheirosa '40 was recently released by Sol de Janeiro as part of their Brazilian Crush collection. As a lover of all things by Sol de Janeiro — especially their eponymous, cheery yellow scent — of course I had to test it virtually upon its release!

I ordered Cheirosa '40 and its matching body cream, called Bom Dia Bright, which was released first and is — ironically — more expensive than the body spray! As an aside, the body cream contains many beneficial ingredients, including cupuaçu butter, which is "Amazon's answer to shea butter" and which my colleague, Ítalo Pereira, recently wrote about in a very informative article.

Bottle on sunset back

Cheirosa '40 has a hefty vanilla note (which everyone knows I favor), and it is a wonderfully gourmand vanilla that wears exceptionally well in intense heat. At the top, there is a sparkly effervescence about it that made me think of bergamot, but it is not listed in the notes. There's also a plummy, slightly grapey jasmine that appears for a very short time, but this is predominantly a vanilla scent all the way through.

Woman with cream and mist

The vanilla that weaves through the scent during the first hour or so is delicious and almost has a "rumminess" about it. It isn't overtly sweet — just decadent! The drydown becomes a bit drier and duskier...almost seeming to verge on a tobacco note, or perhaps tobacco flower, also not listed in the notes.

I'm glad I didn't reference the notes until after I had begun to formulate this review because they would've caused me to second-guess myself — which is still happening, but I can't help smelling what I smell!

Various products

Admittedly, it took me a while to even begin to like this fragrance. It isn't like anything else by the brand to date, in my opinion, being less sweet and powdery and "cheirosa" than their other offerings. I began testing it in cooler spring temperatures, which I think does not allow the true essence of the scent to shine. Initially, Cheirosa '40 had a weird, metallic something-or-other in it that caused me for the longest time to associate it with opening a can of black olives. Now, mind you, I LOVE olives of all types, but I do not wish to have their smell on my person in the form of perfume! Once this connotation was made in my brain, it was very hard to break...until the full heat of summer arrived a week or so ago.

Woman with basket

What then blooms on hot skin is that glorious effervescence-at-the-top and rummy, dusty vanilla-at-the-heart-and-base. But step back into air conditioning again, and that weird metallic note reappears! I don't know what to make of it. I don't dislike it — but I don't love it, either. Going further, Cheirosa '40 also avoids that toasted, almost-burnt-butter-caramel note of Cheirosa '39 and Cheirosa '71, thankfully.

I will commend Sol de Janeiro for producing affordable fragrance mists that project as well as (or better than!) any Eau de Parfum and that also last for an entire day. These characteristics are quite desirable to perfumistas, if various and sundry conversation threads in the Fragrantica Forum are any indication. And — the best part! — ALL of the Sol de Janeiro scents work fantastically well in the heat, in keeping with their Brazilian focus of being "cheirosa" (or "always smelling delicious").

Mist with plum

Cheirosa '40 can be purchased on the brand's website. A 90 ml spray bottle retails for US$19. The body cream, Bom Dia Bright, comes in two sizes and retails for US$45 (240 ml tub) and US$20 (75 ml tub), respectively.

Have you tried Cheirosa '40 yet? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
If not, what is your favorite Sol de Janeiro fragrance and/or body cream? Comment below!



Beth Carsten

Beth Carsten Editor

Beth joined the Fragrantica team in October 2018. She studied English and Education at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, and holds a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Perfumes are as necessary to her as getting dressed in the morning; therefore, she sprays generously. She prefers elegant and heady floral perfumes, as well as fruity-florals and gourmands, and will forever be in pursuit of the next perfect vanilla.

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Aliciajadelangkell 07/07/21 01:34

i like this . i can smell a lot of vanilla in this spray more then the original Brazilian crush . i like putting it in my hair and on my skin.
Rose & White Musk Absolu

I<3Perfume 06/19/21 18:21

It's actually super spicey. The fragrance is Spicey fruit Sweet. Think Tobacco Vanille with Fruit Thrown in it

GladToBeUnhappy4 06/18/21 20:48

I’ve been wanting to try this. I have Rio Deo deodorant, a couple of samples of Cheirosa’62, and samples of Bum Bum cream. While I really enjoy them, the notes in Cheirosa ‘40 appeal to me much more! I can’t wait to try!
Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette

Smellsgoodtome9 06/18/21 18:38

Sounds interesting. I’m going to try it. I have the other two bum bum cream and coco cabana I like them both.
Tuberose Flash

ChypreAnn 06/18/21 17:39

To me it's a plum bomb, and the vanilla registers as tobacco. So, plum and tobacco.

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