House Of Sillage Whispers of Truth Noir
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house of sillage whispers of truth noir


HOUSE OF SILLAGE presented the newest addition for their The Whispers In The Garden collection, and the first one in a black flacon that looks amazing! The newest fragrance arrived on the market in June 2021, announced as narcotic, climatic [sic], and addictive. The newest creation, Whispers Of Truth Noir, follows the first Whispers of Truth creation presented in 2019.


house of sillage whispers of truth noir


"Whispers of Truth Noir takes you on a seductive and explosive journey of passion. It ignites your soul with blazing flares of erotic embers and euphoric bliss. Get ready to explore the world of sensuality."

The composition gives rich and seductive layers accentuated with suede, leather, warm resins and spices and a touch of caramel. As the brand describes it, "the unique blend of warm spices create a fiery blaze of passion and ecstasy into the fragrance. Leather accords create an arousing element made to climax your senses. Rose is intensely romantic, bold and exotic, wrapping the fragrance in a sensual dimension. Sensual smoky notes offer seductive and euphoric support that create a sillage filled with mystery, while the moss is earthy and green adding a rich undertone and smoothness to the fragrance."


house of sillage whispers of truth noir


Edition 2021


Top Notes: Suede, Orange, Grapefruit, Labdanum, Warm Spices
Heart Notes: Vetiver, Rose, Leather, Smoky Notes, Cypriol
Base Notes: Musk, Moss, Caramel, Amber, White Woods, Birch


house of sillage whispers of truth noir


Besides the promising composition, the brand paid attention to all the details and design of the new fragrance bottle. The bottle is designed in black enamel and is plated in 18K yellow gold, created with black finished glass made in France and hand polished.


house of sillage whispers of truth noir


"Our attention to detail remains unparalleled in the industry due to our luxuriously designed packaging and highest quality ingredients to ensure that each and every piece will always be made of the most excellent quality. This expertise is infused in every step of the process from initial design through assembly. The wonderful flacon features precious metal, gold accents in the iconic Whispers In The Garden floral pattern, along with over 200 pieces of hand-placed brilliant multi-colored Swarovski crystals. This is the hallmark of innovation, beauty, and opulence," the brand explains.


WHISPERS OF TRUTH NOIR is available as a 75ml Eau de Parfum in 25% perfume oil concentration at the price of $495 through the official House of Sillage website.



Sandra Raičević Petrović

Sandra Raičević Petrović Executive Editor, Writer and Designer

Sandrina started her work on Fragrantica from the very beginning of the site. She has strongly participated in building the content as a perfume connoisseur and writer and has been responsible for the majority of the articles and encyclopedia records at Fragrantica, while nurturing communication with the brands. She tasted the beauty of investigative journalism and found herself in the reports and coverage of the prestigious perfume fairs, exhibitions, and events. She adores sunny and blissful perfumes that represent her inner spirit. Sandrina works as an Executive Editor of Fragrantica. She was born and based in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Eau de Gloire


The advertisement is so sleezy that I'd never want to purchase from this house. Sorry but true.


The only House of Sillage I want are Hauts Bijoux & Emerald Reign 'cos the bottles are not just muffin shaped, they have animals on n look amazing. Total unicorns both of them.
As for this one.. I'm not keen, partly due to the very 80s vibe. The ad is so air brushed n the models so extreme it's verging on ironic kitsch.. which judging by the price tag they weren't going for.. imma just not keen on men with gigantic arms either, it looks weird n so uncomfortable n you just know they spend their entire life working out n eating nothing but chicken, vegetables n cocaine XD. These images do verge on porn vid n yet manage to be so posed n self conscious it's not sexy. His tatts don't work for this either attempt at luxury branding either, is she shagging the guy she wrote to in prison? :/
I've recently bought a few things more expensive than I normally shell out for n while this kind of price tag does make me curious in itself (we live on earth, there's only so many ingredients n smells, how amazing can it be?? n yet.. ) my posh purchases n testers have taught me its probly going to be nice, but not massively better than stuff available in Boots. Like not four hundred pounds better. Swarovski crystals are just coloured glass.


I'm just not interested in paying a huge amount of money for an ordinary perfume in a bottle that looks like a crazy cupcake. 'Nuff said!
Light Blue Forever pour Homme


Bottle, fragrance, models, everything looks gorgeous. Haters are gonna hate. House of Sillage came out of nowhere, and the next thing you know, their fragrances decorate boudoirs all over the world. Most of the critiques are not their clientele. People who buy them find their bottles and whole experience satisfying.


Both The Bottle Designs & The Ads Remind Me Of Judith Lieber Bejeweled Evening Cases & Gale Hayman Styled Cosmetics & Products & Alexis Vogel's Stylized Approach To Women's Photoshoots; I'm Not That Surprised; But, I Still Can't Help Wondering, How Does The Fragrance Smell? & Does It Warrant All This Buzz?
Shalimar Eau De Cologne


And they say feminism is no longer necessary. No woman should be likened to a sex worker for expressing her sexuality. It's not a style of dress or makeup I like, but she wouldn't like mine probably.
And men age better than women? Just wow.
La DameDeNoir

La DameDeNoir

"A woman can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of her life".

Coco Chanel.
Les Années 25


Sex sells.
For those who question what is wrong with this ad? EVERYTHING.
Is it bad to be at a certain age and have need for sex or feeling desired - no.
Is it good to throw this into everyones faces - no.
We all make love, dress certain way, behave, but when one puts sex above everything - that is what everyone sees. Not a product, not a value.. well, actually there is a value, ha, what I see here is a high end highly experienced escort woman, most likely speaking at least 3-4 languages.
Personally, I saw here a desperate housewife. I know a few happy endings of a couple where woman was older and a man was at least 10 years younger. But just 3. 3 cases. All other stories don't have a happy ending, that's just life. Females do not get more charming with age, while men age like wine (and by saying this I mean exterior ONLY).
I looked up the photos of the owner, Nicole, and in those with very minimal makeup she looked so much better than in this slutty image she's trying to sell.
So again, the problem here is sex that is put above the product that is very overpriced and questionable. Simply, TOO MUCH SEX makes one immune to it and one starts paying attention to details ;)
Acqua di Giò Profondo


For all those who would like to back this lady up, that’s your prerogative. The ad campaign is whatever doesn’t bother me. However if you’d really like to know the brand you’re supporting you should look at reviews of the house and of employees that used to work for it. Very interesting.

Gingersnaps777 07/06/21 14:47

The only problem I have is the overpriced products. I have several perfumes and lipstick cases from this house before they decided to send out 50-70% off email promotions on almost a daily basis. Their marketing is misleading and they change prices consistently. So I stopped supporting them after getting tons of these daily promotions. Either their products are special or not. Make up your mind?
But I am for the confident older woman thing here.... so kudos to the owner.

77Heather 07/06/21 14:19

I'm confused. I hate things that are tacky/trashy, and I hate the pornification of everything. But I was immediately attracted to this ad campaign/presentation that y'all are hating on. I love the black and gold color scheme with little pops of red. She looks like a total badass in my opinion. I don't see how this is any sleazier than all of the nearly naked on the beach perfume ads of the 90s - is the problem just that those models were younger than this woman? Maybe one just needs to be older to appreciate this campaign? I dunno, I'd never buy this because of cost but I think that flacon is gorgeous and the photos gorgeous too.

blake.lee 07/06/21 12:16

What nasty comments. She’s clearly going for a cougar thing and she pulls it off. A strong older woman, in charge of her sexuality and her own business. I admire her and think it’s a shame this patriarchal society raises people to think there’s something wrong with this.

Phantomias 07/06/21 06:22

I've never had anything from this house, and considering the price of this new offering, never will. Too bad for me, but the cupcake shape of the bottle and the high quality decoration are very attractive!
Kelly Caleche Eau de Parfum

Nnoemi 07/06/21 04:43

Ugh, horrendous lipstick application, overlined lips look gross, I would never wear a fragrance with such ridiculous marketing!

mark_frag 07/06/21 03:52

Cupcake haute. To each her/his own.
Open Sky

mshilov 07/06/21 03:34

Any celebrity fragrance with an airbrushed image of Britney, Shakira or Mariah would look perfectly tasteful next to this magnificent creation. And the video (which is creepy hilarious) must be displayed next to Philipp Plein's "No limits" commercial. The lady behind the brand is from the same tribe.
Irena Victoria
Mugler Cologne Fly Away

Irena Victoria 07/06/21 02:42

Can we just talk about the male model? Oh, my...️🔥
😂Fake tats never looked better! LOL
Huda's packaging / her personal style is too much to take in, for me, personally. Cringe! I would never buy her makeup or Kayali perfumes.
When it comes to the HoS... Most people don't know that some of the juices are really nice, with a high concentration of quality oils... and talented perfumers behind them.
L'Heure Bleue Eau de Parfum

Teddyboy 07/06/21 01:36

‘Holy Mary!’ I ejaculated after reading this press release overflowing with perfumery syllo-jism (spices are hot, heat means passion; therefore spices are passionate), my bosom heaving - with laughter.
Miss. l'amour! ❤️

Miss. l'amour! ❤️ 07/06/21 01:15

If I buy this perfume... will I get a handsome, muscle man for free? LOL
Belle Bete

nordstorm 07/05/21 23:43

Very good looking woman! I didn't know that she is the founder of the brand. I like the pictures and the perfume's presentation very much. Targeted at a mature audience, the people, who can and are willing to afford this luxury. Some of the comments here are pretty ugly and at the same time they are comming from the crown of our creation - the woman.
Beth C

Beth C 07/05/21 20:58

@Alces Alces, the brand's copy in the article has been edited with [sic] to reflect that the "climatic" error existed in the original that we quoted. Thanks for the heads up!
Narciso Rodriguez For Her

jungirl 07/05/21 20:09

Everything about this is embarrassing to look at. Hire an editor. The copy is even more cringey than the overdrawn lipstick and awkward porn poses. The prices are just so foolish. These cupcake bottles would be adorable for a 12 year old girl, and that seems to be the level of maturity behind this marketing. Calling your own products iconic. unparalleled, etc. My skin just crawls.
Les Années 25

ekoeko 07/05/21 18:32

MY cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard,
and they're like, it's better than yours,
damn right, they're better than yours,
I could teach Nic, but there will be charge.

Catsylvania 07/05/21 18:16

House of Silage is simply not my brand with their aesthetics, and neither am I a fan of this particular utterly vulgar ad campaign. If this is what the brand does, sure, you do you.

I do like that the founder decided to be the face of her own brand and totally disagree that she should hire someone else just because someone doesn't like her (no one tells that to Huda, right?). But if she chose that role, she should get proper training to hold up to a standard because you simply can't decide and become a model all of a sudden. Will also agree about the photoshop thing - if you go for it, either make sure all the models are airbrushed at the same level or just don't at all.

That being said, the actual scent could be good but this display of tastelessness and unprofessionalism is repulsive and does not inspire me to want to check out the frag.

EDIT: I really feel like I need to elaborate on this a bit further. My comment is by 0 means a personal attack on the brand founder. In fact, like I’ve said, I find it amazing that she’s confident to become the face of her own brand. When I said “training”, it just means a certain skill set eg posing, expressions, and just putting yourself in a way which shows your character/personality and breathes life into a photoshoot. That would benefit the model, who is a gorgeous woman, in a professional way.

The photoshopping was bad. I feel like it diminishes the admirable fact that the female model is a confident older woman, and she’s being held to an unfair standard where women are pushed to look beautiful and seemingly youthful at any age.

As for the ad campaign itself, the unprofessionalism, to me, lies in the way it’s executed, edited, the awkward way the product is held etc. If this campaign is made to sell me a product, I have the right to criticize it because at the end, it would be me spending my money on a product. The overall aesthetic is utterly vulgar to me, and no, I’m not a Puritan. I’m just a firm believer that erotica can be done in a far more sensual and tasteful manner.
Ivory Route

scottpiper 07/05/21 17:22

Kudos to the person who airbrushed those photos. I bet it’s the same person who edited all promotional materials for Sex and the City 2.

None of that says “haute parfumerie” or “luxury” like their website claims, it’s just the price tag. It’s rubbish like this that turns the average consumer off from perfume in general, let alone buying her products.

Extremely overpriced and overrated brand, backed by fake, completely compensated “reviews” done on YouTube.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, kids.

Edit: Hit her website or YouTube and watch the Whispers Noir campaign video. It’s pure gold!
Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune

viridian 07/05/21 17:03

@Alces Alice’s… I think you’re right, it goes on to say “Leather accords create an arousing element made to climax your senses.” Twice in the article they mention “paying attention to detail”. Yeah, sure.
Sweet Diamond Pink Pepper 25

Ella876 07/05/21 15:00

I am not sure I like the fragrances from this house, I agree the ad campaign doesn’t reflect a high end product at all. The fragrances I bought were blind buys and 2 out of 3 was very disappointing. They smell like something a great grandmother would use, dated and boring. I wouldn’t buy at full price unless you know for sure you will like it and definitely never doing a blind buy with them again.
Alces Alces
Aqua Allegoria Flora Rosa

Alces Alces 07/05/21 13:35

Climatic? Do they not know that climatic means "having to do with climate"? Example: There is a large climatic difference between Suriname and Patagonia. Maybe they meant "climactic." Oh, either way I have never been impressed with this brand, and the pornlike ads don't appeal to me, maybe I am too old.

Why is she holding the perfume cupcake during a makeout scene? Who does that? Is that a thing? Next, please.

Aramis64 07/05/21 13:25

I absolutely don't like these over-the-top cupcake bottles they're as horrible as the price they're asking. If I had that kind of money, I would definitely buy a better perfume...

Mc13Kenzie 07/05/21 12:37

My initial reaction is the same as everyone else's here to the marketing. Reading that the face of the brand, Nicole Mather, is also the CEO and founder, gives me pause. Yes, she's overdone and has a team to make her look this way. A level of commitment I will always fall far short of. Yes, the perfumes are crazy expensive, nothing I personally will ever purchase. That said, I respect a woman who is in charge of her finances and sexuality. For what it's worth.

Eyviab 07/05/21 11:27

Whyyyy; the ads for this look like thumbnails for soft core porn. So sad.

andrewatic 07/05/21 09:58

“Cheap & tacky” should be the name… and even the utopian price point is not gonna come to rescue. $495 for 75 ml is more than Guerlain charges for most of their “exceptional pieces” backed up by 190 years of know-how!

@Irena Victoria: you took it out of my mouth, so thank you!
Neroli Voyage

Cloud57 07/05/21 09:34

Another overpriced brand where all the money goes towards marketing and presentation while offering a mediocre fragrance. This company will never receive a cent from me 👍🏼

Dramaloladiva 07/05/21 09:28

Eye roll 🙄 Tacky at best!
Plus, my experience with House of Sillage customer service was absolutely abysmal to say the least.
She (Nicole) will no longer be getting my hard earned $$ even if she had the best of the best perfume for sale!
Hypnotic Poison

Whit 07/05/21 09:24

Welp, after seeing the ad campaign, it's time for me to go scrub my contact lenses!
L'Air de Rien

SadieBluesLady 07/05/21 09:08

Price point and less than on point marketing campaign (I wonder how many of his tats wash off?) put this one in the dumpster without even considering the likely quality of the perfume itself.
Bel Ami

Mando 07/05/21 08:34

The ad campaign has total adult entertainment vibe like @alpha_doll says hahahaha!!!!
Irena Victoria
Mugler Cologne Fly Away

Irena Victoria 07/05/21 08:30

Can I un-see this? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - cougar zone. Nicole, if you're reading this... I like your fragrances, mamacita, but those images are garbage. Fire your marketing team, sweetie. Hire a professional model. Take a break from modeling, you look tired... you don't have to do THIS every time you release a new fragrance.

Missblue 07/05/21 08:00

I applaud the idea of using a mature model, but if you dared to do it, why photoshop her to that extreme? It makes her look unnatural. This whole campaign takes away the focus from the actual perfume..
Midnight Shimmer

kkaattjjeess 07/05/21 07:55

@alpha_doll Agree, even from seeing just the 1st picture I was like "hell no". Wasn't even aware it's that expensive, that only makes it worse lol!
69 Le Parfum

alpha_doll 07/05/21 07:25

For a $495 bottle this campaign looks so tacky. I love a seductive image that speaks to the imagination but this is giving me adult entertainment vibes.

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