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Pendant Speaker Systems

Combining stylish design with powerful performance, pendant speaker systems have long been the go-to installation audio product for the larger commercial environment, though high cost and general misunderstanding of their use has kept them fairly niche, until now.

Suitable for use anywhere you like, pendant speaker systems can be optioned in both low impedance design and the installers preferred 100V line format, with a selection of enclosure shapes and colours to best suit the application.

Where pendant speakers really come into their own is in high ceiling buildings and open plan locations, which can be anything from a retail superstore, warehouse or factory facility, where the large space and lack of both ceilings or dividing walls makes it impossible to fit either ceiling speakers or wall speakers.

Utilising any available overhead structure as its mounting point, a pendant speaker is hung securely at the desired height, which provides it with a prime position for optimum sound quality and distribution.

With the different types of pendant speaker systems available, audio can be delivered throughout a building easily, be that a large single room installation or a multi-zone system with its selectable output options. 

Pendant Mount Speakers

Most installed audio systems will make use of either ceiling speakers or wall speakers where possible, as these have always been the most cost-effective options for the customer. 

However, the latest pendant mount speakers available offer incredible value, making them a serious consideration at all budget levels, whether it’s a simple, single-room installation or a multi-zone sound system.

With superb sound quality and performance levels, pendant mount speakers can transform even the largest of rooms or structures with the benefits of a distributed audio system, helping to create a pleasant working atmosphere with easily controlled background music.

The true flexibility of pendant mount speakers is of course that they do not require a wall or ceiling to be installed, opening up location and placement possibilities in so many commercial and residential situations where more traditional speaker fitment simply isn’t an option.

Hanging Speakers for Church

The modern church, most notably the pentecostal and ministry led houses of worship, will often make use of any large buildings that become available to them, with favourites being old theatres and disused cinemas.

The use of hanging speakers for church locations can really help get around the fact that these large buildings are often completely open plan, with extremely high ceilings, making the use of ceiling speakers impossible, and wall speakers not practical. 

Ideal for all types of sound reinforcement from simple speaking to both pre-recorded and live music, the use of hanging speakers for church gatherings will ensure the entire congregation can hear everything clearly and in great quality.

Hanging speakers are also a great choice for the more traditional stone-built Christian and Catholic church buildings, and larger Cathedrals, many of the latter catering to tourists as well as normal prayer time services.

The use of a hanging speaker system in these locations can allow for significantly lower sound system levels, helping to preserve a serene atmosphere to the walkways and chambers even during service. This is due to the highly directable focus of pendant speaker output, and its ability to be primely located.

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