wall speaker Systems

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Wall Speaker Systems

Wall speaker systems are ideal for audio installations that require more power than ceiling speakers can provide. Though not as discreet as ceiling speakers, on-wall speakers come in sleek and stylish designs to compliment your space.

Designed to be stylish yet as unobtrusive as possible, whilst providing superior sound dispersion.

Wall Mounted Speaker Systems

Wall mounted speakers come in a selection of sizes and designs to help best integrate with the space available. We have column speakers that are perfect for churches and schools, and smaller speakers for bars, restaurants and social clubs. Larger wall mount speakers are also available, being suited to entertainment venues, sports centres, shopping centres and commercial properties.

We have 100v line amplifier and wall speaker packages, perfect for simple background music in a designated area.

For larger locations, a multi zone package allows audio throughout the building, and can include outdoor areas such as gardens, patios or terraces. This is made possible with use of IP rated weatherproof speakers.

Wall Mount Sound Systems

Our wall mount sound systems ensure you are purchasing speakers and amplifiers that will provide the very best performance. Packages include speaker cable specific for installation in order to make buying a system as easy as possible.

With professional speaker brands like RCF and Amate Audio available you can be sure of getting the very best quality sound system for your specific requirements, along with buying advice and technical information on all of our products being just a phone call or email away.

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