Column Speaker Systems

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Column Speaker Systems

Designed with the commercial or public environment in mind, column speaker systems offer a unique visual and sonic experience, which lends itself especially well to larger venues such as churches and museums.

The slender design of column speaker systems allows for very discreet installation onto support columns and walls, making them much easier for blending in with surroundings in comparison to a more traditional wall mount speaker.

Their slim format makes them a hugely popular choice for professional installations, particularly where there is the requirement for a wide reaching sound output with minimal visual impact to the location, therefore making them ideal for use in listed buildings and historical sites such as cathedrals and houses of worship. 

Column PA System

Using the ultra reliable 100V line operation, a column pa system can be catered to fit any number of locations and sound coverage requirements, with single or multiple zone control over source and volume available to suit a wide variety of layouts.

Be it a pre-packaged column pa system, or a one that's put together to specifically suit your needs, our high quality and cost effective column speakers and pa amplifiers will transform your venue, whether it be a replacement for existing audio system, or a fresh installation.

Using several thoughtfully placed column speakers, each providing a detailed and narrow sound field, it becomes easy to get near perfect audio coverage to your audience from a column pa system, with a focus and clarity to both speaking and music playback.

The performance of a column pa system will often surprise, with the sound from a live band or choir say, having fantastic depth and presence even at lower volumes, and a detailed and controlled reproduction of vocals for speeches and sermons.

Column Speakers PA System

Column speakers are designed for a much more focussed beam of sound than a ‘standard’ wall speaker, being similar in design to the large line-array systems used at large concert venues and festivals. 

Rather than the usual larger woofer and small tweeter configuration found in most wall mount speakers, a column speaker uses an inline row of smaller, identical sized drivers, working together to produce a full range output.

This feature makes a column speakers pa system especially effective for high ceiling environments, as the sound can be directed across an area in a torchlight type beam, helping greatly to limit the loss of a standard speaker output. This also helps with avoiding unwanted room echo, and to keep the overall volume of the system lower.

This audience focus is especially useful in old stone buildings such as churches, where there are usually lots of large columns inplace to support the roof. These will break up the sound from a standard speaker system quite badly, creating dead zones and large discrepancies in volume which is unpleasant and frustrating to any audience or congregation.

A well planned column speakers pa system can avoid these issues, with options for multi-zonal volume settings giving superb control in a larger space, allowing for example, specific areas to be silenced when required.

Column Speaker System Packages

All of our column speaker systems are extremely versatile, and designed for a long and maintenance free working life that's ideal for both busy public and commercial environments, with simple installation and easy operation.

Using 100V line operation, the column speakers we supply are easy to install in multiples, with the high voltage supply allowing daisy-chain connection with no issues of impedance problems.

Our column speaker systems come with a selection of well featured 100V line amplifiers which offer great sound quality and reliability, with multiple source inputs for easy connection to mixing desks or CD players.

Modern features such as inbuilt MP3 playback from USB and the ever handy Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming will give you all the sound options you would ever need.

For larger column speaker systems, the amplifiers provide selectable ‘zones’ which allow quick muting of specific areas of the system, so you can distribute the output exactly where you want it to be heard. (the column speakers must be wired into designated zones for this type of control).

All of our column speaker systems come with telephone, email, and live chat support, and comprehensive wiring diagrams are available to suit your specific installation with any system purchase.

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