Horn Speaker Systems

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Horn Speaker Systems

Designed specifically for wide sound coverage in a variety of indoor spaces and outdoor environments, horn speaker systems are ideal for all manner of audio duties, from announcement systems to music playback.

A familiar shape seen outdoors at football grounds, athletics events, school playing fields and health clubs, horn speaker systems provide the durability of an all weather speaker design, coupled with the classic long throw output of their loudhailer or megaphone shaped driver unit.

This tried and tested design of horn speaker systems is especially effective outdoors for crowd announcements, sports commentary, or for playing music.

The obvious lack of walls or ceiling in particular can be very problematic for standard pa style wall speakers, requiring a large amount of speaker placements and high power amplification just for them to be heard. 

Use of a dedicated outdoor horn speaker system allows for a permanent all weather sound installation that can operate in a single or multi-zone configuration depending on the amplifier specified.

They offer a perfect solution for gardens, grounds and open space areas in both public and private locations.

Tannoy Speaker System

Called a tannoy speaker after the original manufacturer of the design, the tannoy speaker system or horn speaker system as it's more often called now is a never bettered option for low cost and high performance.

A professional tannoy speaker system is ideal for all reaching sound coverage in noisy factories, warehouses, loading bays and outdoor areas such as car parks, helping to keep a unity across a business premises no matter its size.

The IP all weather rating of horns and tannoy speakers means placement is unrestricted, with choices of standard pa horn speakers for announcement only systems, or a 2-way tannoy horn which is designed for music playback too.

Coupled to a suitable 100V line amplifier system, often the entire tannoy speaker system can be run from that single amp unit, which is why the 100V system is of such benefit for larger installations, as it allows for daisy-chain wiring.

With our tannoy speaker system packages including features such as direct MP3 playback and Bluetooth audio streaming, along with microphone inputs with muting and talkover, they offer the commercial or private user a reliable and great sounding installed audio option.

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