outdoor speaker Systems

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Outdoor Speaker Systems

Outdoor speaker systems are an ideal solution for background music and sound reinforcement in an array of installation scenarios. 100v line outdoor speaker systems provide the convenience of large area coverage, with multiple speakers connected to a single amplifier.

Outdoor speakers are perfect as part of a larger system that extends out into a pub beer garden or courtyard. 100v speakers are perfect as announcement systems on industrial sites, and also for small sports stadiums and field events.

Outdoor Sound Systems

Outdoor sound systems feature an IP rating, which ensures their suitability for exposure to the elements. As a result they protected from damage by rain, sunlight or general dirt.

For gardens we have speakers which are designed to be partially buried and hidden amongst plants and pots.

For terraces and smoking sections we have weatherproof wall mount speakers in several driver sizes that are perfect for bars and pubs.

With featured such as Bluetooth streaming and built in MP3 playback, our complete outdoor sound systems make installation simple.

Weatherproof Outdoor PA Systems

For sports grounds and larger outdoor areas such as shopping centres and industrial sites, the use of professional weatherproof horn speakers allows for extra wide sound dispersion.

Ideal for use over multiple zones and areas, which can be used both for music and for site wide announcements or emergency siren use.

High performance amplifiers allow multi speaker weatherproof outdoor PA systems to be easily controlled, with simple zone selection and install friendly wiring.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our outdoor pa systems and weatherproof speaker range. We can help with the design and layout of your system, while providing detailed wiring diagrams and telephone support during installation. Get in touch and speak to one of our audio specialists.

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