school lockdown Systems

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School Lockdown Systems

Safety of children in schools is always a priority. In the event of an intruder or security threat being raised, school lockdown systems are designed to activate with the simple turn of a switch.

One or more emergency buttons, situated at the school reception or head's office can activate a predetermined audio message. Consequently, this message will immediately take priority over the system if it is being used for background music.

The lockdown systems also provide audio playback options that include MP3 from USB drives and inputs for line level audio sources.

School Alert System

Lots of options are available for our school alert systems, from pre-programmed warnings to talk-over and alarm siren triggering. System activation points can be located around the grounds to allow localised operation. This is both for convenience, and also allows triggering without the need to contact the main reception.

Systems are available with a selection of discreet ceiling speakers for hallways and classrooms, or wall mount speakers. The wall units are great in halls and gymnasiums, while also being weatherproof for outdoor areas.

All our school alert packages can be tailored specifically to your requirements.

School Alert systems and School lockdown systems are becoming more common place throughout schools in the UK. We have simple off the shelf solutions, or we can arrange a site visit to design and install a custom system.

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