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Audio Over IP

Audio over IP (AoIP) is finding its place fast in the home audio and commercial audio installation world as it offers high quality multi room audio with the simple and low cost Cat5 or Cat6 cable allowing long cable lengths without signal loss over even the largest multi room sound system.

The network audio player and transmitter connects to your pc or network via its ethernet port and allows transmission of streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer through your local area network (LAN), or your stored digital music library, or from its RCA input allowing direct connection of Mp3 or CD Player.

Audio Over Ethernet

Our audio over ethernet packages utilise a network audio streamer unit which connects to separate audio receiver units in each desired audio zone. These AoIP receivers then connect to either a power amplifier or multi zone amplifier which is then wired to a multi speaker system, or a multi room speaker system, allowing you the potential for a vast audio distribution network from a single source. Many pro audio systems now favour this method as it gives far more flexibility for audio distribution, easy player and receiver upgrades without rewiring, and offers superior sound quality over Wi-Fi based consumer systems from its hardwired digital transmission of audio.

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