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Pendant Speakers

For many situations requiring the distribution of audio, a pendant speaker can often be the ultimate problem solver.

The core design element of pendant speakers is their ability to be suspended from any available roof structure or framework, which offers both customer and installer the options for centralised audio in a large open area. 

Once a relatively high cost only option, the latest range of pendant speakers is extremely budget-friendly, and offer high-quality sound reproduction in a wide selection of smart shapes and designs to suit any aesthetic, be it residential or commercial.

Pendant speakers offer a unique and stylish design that can be ideal for modern homes with high ceilings, such as barn conversions and those with large open plan interiors.

The practicality and audio characteristics of modern pendant speakers lend themselves both to home applications and to the workplace, with many different designs available to best cater to both.

Hanging Speakers

Pendant speakers are often referred to as hanging speakers, as they are suspended from a secure connecting cable that is attached to any suitable overhead structure.

Hanging speakers have the clear benefit of height, which aids sound distribution greatly due to the lack of obstructive surfaces and objects.

This is further enhanced with a variety of different speaker dispersion angles across the available types and manufacturers, with some hanging speakers being the equivalent of a ceiling speaker in output, whilst others have a globe like 360-degree design for a wide sound field.

These different designs of pendant speakers allow for focussed sound where needed, say in a zone controlled audio system, with a wider-reaching sound output for more open areas such as warehousing, where they can provide building-wide background music and announcement facilities.

Commercial Pendant Speakers

With both low impedance and high voltage 100V line types available, commercial pendant speakers are ideal for warehouses and factory settings where there are no dropped ceilings, and no internal wall structures.

Ceiling speakers and wall speakers have their place obviously, but for high ceiling, open plan spaces such as retail superstores and distribution centres, the use of commercial pendant speakers will allow for audio locations wherever they are required.

Low beam angle designs which are often a softened cone type shape are perfect for zone-specific audio, as their down-firing speakers provide a fairly direct focus of output, allowing easy creation of separate audio areas even in a building with no internal walls.

Wide dispersion angle designs offer the exact opposite effect, with anything up to full 360-degree sound output, with their ball or globe type shape helping them achieve this unique and extremely useful feature. 

With the installation of commercial pendant speakers, you’re left completely free to reorganise the floor layout of the working environment whenever it’s required, without the need to remove or relocate the buildings sound system each time, making them an ideal investment for both current and future use.

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