Column Speakers

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Column Speakers

A column speakers design is a statement in form and function, with its tall and narrow enclosure looking distinctly different to a standard box shaped loudspeaker.

This design of column speakers is, ironically, perfectly suited for mounting onto columns and internal structural supports, so ideal for installation in locations such as churches, mosques and temples that often feature stone beams and columns as roof supports.

The slender profile and clean aesthetic design of column speakers allows them to blend into their environment nicely, helping provide you with a high performance sound system that won't stick out like an ugly afterthought, which is always a problem, especially in older buildings.

Column Loudspeaker

The design of a column loudspeaker isn't just about looking stylish on a wall or column of course, with the oblong enclosure shape and speaker driver layout playing a huge part in their effectiveness across large open spaces or high ceilinged venues.

Operating with the same acoustic principles of the large line array speaker systems seen at arenas and concert venues, a column loudspeaker projects its output in a confined arc, or beam of sound.

This allows focussed sound coverage of a specific area for maximum clarity, be it a seated congregation at a wedding or service, or for the audience area in a large auditorium or hall. 

The sound output from a column loudspeaker behaves in a far more controlled and directional manner than that of a standard speaker, with a pair or several pairs allowing you to accurately steer music or speech to wherever it's required.

PA Column Speaker

The ability to have control over the focal point of a pa column speaker also allows for a significant lowering of the volume level required, as the output is being aimed directly at the listener or desired area.

This is due to the fact that the pa column speakers in the system are pretty much negating the natural reverb effects that amplifying sound into a large area will produce. Be it a high ceiling or stone floor, the effect created can be awful, causing unwanted timing and echo to speaking and music that makes it hard to listen too.

The directional nature of a pa column speaker design means its sound output is being sent in one direction only, as opposed to a standard speaker system which will spill out in all directions.

A professional pa column speaker installation can be a real problem solver in many situations, especially where minimal aesthetic impact is required, and strong natural acoustics will rule out any standard sound system from providing an acceptable result.

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