Horn Speakers

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Horn Speakers

Horn speakers were specifically designed to solve the problem of sound reinforcement across open spaces at a reasonable cost. Decades on, that same design is still the best solution for the task.

Lightweight and easy to mount onto walls, posts or practically anywhere really, horn speakers come in several shapes and sizes to best suit their intended environment, with adjustable angle brackets as standard.

A horn loudspeaker is a powerful audio distribution tool, with just a few thoughtfully located horn speakers on a site providing sound coverage to a large area, and using only minimal amplifier power to do so.

Tannoy Speaker

The original design of the loudhailer speaker system, with its distinctive trumpet bell shape and central conical diffuser, the tannoy speaker is iconic in its design and can be found everywhere, from schools and sports grounds, to factories and the construction industry.

A tannoy speaker has the unique ability to direct its output, whilst its design also allows it to produce a large sound from a relatively small input signal, making them extremely versatile and efficient speakers.

With the original tannoy speakers coated metal design enclosures now replaced with ultra durable and rust proof plastics, the durability and longevity of these systems is guaranteed in any situation, be it indoors or outdoors. 

Outdoor Horn Speakers

Though perfectly suitable for use indoors, especially in large open buildings like warehouses and factories, the IP rating of outdoor horn speakers sealed plastic enclosures makes them an all weather standard choice when it comes to outside areas.

Trouble free placement in high locations and simple 100V line wiring makes the use of outdoor horn speakers a real no-brainer when it comes to installation, be it a stand alone outdoor audio system, or the horn speakers are being used as the outdoor part of a multi-zone system covering all areas of a building or facility.

This all weather capability makes horn speakers an excellent choice for schools and public or private premises for emergency warnings and paging, ensuring that the announcements are clearly repeated in every area where people may be.

PA Horn Speaker

With single driver horn speakers for general announcing, or the 2-way pa horn speaker design for both speaking and music playback, the low cost and high performance is ideal for a wide variety of installations.

Sports and fitness centres can use pa horn speakers for swimming pools, outdoor tennis courts, football pitches and communal areas. They are perfect for reception desk announcements, emergency alarms, or for background music.

With many large venues being multi purpose throughout the seasons, being able to have outdoor music and tannoy facilities is a great addition to any site, both for safety purposes and for entertainment, and a pa horn speaker system will have all your requirements covered.

Horn Speaker Installation

Apart from the already mentioned weatherproof design making horn speakers a great outdoor speaker option, their ability to broadcast over a large area has seen them used everywhere from airports to shopping centres.

The projector bell design of pa horn speakers produces an acoustic amplification that has a near doubling effect to the signal its being supplied. This same design is utilised in handheld megaphones with powerful results just from a single unit.

Horn speaker installation is of great benefit for sites such as schools, where classes can often be outside and inside at the same time, and in all weathers. These tannoy speakers can be wired into a larger school wide audio system or school lockdown system, with announcements being directed just to the outdoor ‘zone’ if desired.

A professional horn speaker installation will offer a long lasting and maintenance free operation that is both practical and cost effective.

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