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Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers allow the permanent locating of sound systems in open areas such as courtyards, gardens, patios and smoking areas. They also provide extended public announcement to car parks and large grounds. The ability to extend your music system outdoors allows eating areas and summer patios to be included easily. Thus giving a much more cohesive atmosphere to any venue.

Outdoor Speaker Systems

The 100v line audio speakers and systems are perfect for these types of installation. these systems make wiring simple giving you the desired control of volume and content over all the areas. You can have the same music throughout, or easily have different sources connected allowing the music outside to be different to whats playing inside. The choice is yours and can be changed in seconds. Perfect for quiet afternoons that become lively in the evening.

Waterproof Speakers

Weatherproof speakers give you the flexibility of placement when planning an installation and allow your music or messages to be heard wherever you require instead of being limited to an indoor only system. With IP ratings to our 100v line outdoor and garden waterproof speakers. They are protected against the elements and can be permanently installed without the worry of damage from rain or sun. Using 100v line speakers in outdoor areas makes installation easy, with control over that zone being no different to any other zone on the system. With the correct multi-zone amplifier its simple, and allows for a modern feel that lets your garden or terrace become part of the larger floor plan.

Commercial Garden Speakers

Permanent outdoor speaker installations are perfect for garden centres, public events spaces and pedestrian open areas. Also private gardens and sports training grounds. Restaurants and bars can benefit greatly from routing their background music outside into beer gardens and smoking areas. Complete with wall speakers or decorative rock speakers blending into most locations seamlessly.

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