multi zone amplifiers

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Multi Zone Amplifiers

Multi zone amplifiers are designed for easy installation of commercial audio systems and large distributed sound systems.

Ideal for buildings and environments where a master sound system is desirable for things such as emergency warnings and announcements, a multi zone amp has the ability to play single or multiple audio sources to separate areas or ‘zones’.

For example, you can have background music playing in a reception area, while different audio is played in say a canteen or outdoor area. Announcements can be system wide, or can be limited to specific zones, and these zones can have individual local volume controls for total convenience.

Mixer Amplifier

A multi zone amplifier is basically an amp and mixer built into one unit, with simplified controls and connections to make the control of a large audio system as easy as possible.

Standard stereo audio line inputs allow easy hookup of both analog and digital audio sources, with additional features such as FM radio, USB audio input, and Bluetooth connectivity on some models.

CD players, FM / DAB radios and audio from phones, tablets and computers can easily be connected to any commercial amplifier of this type, giving both installers and end users a wide range of audio playback options. 

Installation Audio Amplifier

Often capable of operating both the 100V line and low impedance speaker systems, a multi zone amp provides the power and functionality that's ideal for audio installations in schools, factories and work environments.

Suitable for powering ceiling speakers, wall speakers, outdoor horn speakers, and featuring priority muting for fire alarms and microphone announcements, a multi zone amplifier becomes a convenient central hub for all audio requirements.

Using a multi zone amplifier installation removes the need for having individual audio equipment in each room, whilst helping create a more harmonious environment in businesses and commercial premises with the use of background music that's consistent throughout the building.

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