power amplifiers

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Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are designed to provide the extra audio power requirements that come with larger speaker systems or multi zone sound installations.

Though more than powerful enough for most background music systems, a standard zone amplifier can find itself underpowered when required to operate zones where much louder output is desired.

This could be for example, in a school audio installation where the main zone amplifier is powering dozens of ceiling speakers, yet is also required to operate a large set of wall speakers or pa speakers in the main hall for dances and productions.

PA Amplifier

The addition of a PA amplifier to the system provides both the additional volume needed for such events, whilst allowing the larger building wide system to operate more efficiently as the demand on the main amplifier is drastically reduced.

Power amplifiers are also a standard part of our school lockdown systems, which come supplied with a programmable message and audio input preamp unit, with a suitable sized power amplifier being supplied specifically for the size of the installation and number of speakers required to operate at any one time.

A large benefit of a power amplifier based audio system is that the unit can be replaced and upgraded at any time without needing to change the rest of the system.

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