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Audio Mixers

A immensely useful device, the classic audio mixer allows you to easily interconnect between various devices, providing a master control of signal levels and output volume.

Audio mixers come in several types, with the most popular being the traditional desktop style console design, with input and output channels being controlled via slider controls similar to a recording studio desk.

Rack Mount Mixer

For fixed installations such as commercial audio systems, a rack mount mixer is a convenient format, working in a similar way to a patch bay but allowing you full signal eq and gain control from simple rotary pots.

Audio mixers allow easy connection of microphones for live music work, and the full level control and signal output blending that's needed for live bands, performers and DJs. 

Mixers also act as a signal preamplifier, allowing the use of standard line level audio source devices with professional power amplifiers and commercial sound installations.

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