Home Audio Systems

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Home Audio Systems

Modern home audio systems and smart home audio installations from Audio Installations. Our systems includes some fantastic single room and multi room options to suit any style of home.

We have ceiling speaker packages that are completely self contained audio systems with built in amplifiers. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity give you immediate control over whats playing, and of the volume. No extra boxes, no fuss. They require just power and a wired connection to each other to provide you with high quality stereo sound.

Smart Multi-Room Systems

The powerful and discreet Fonestar WA-255W amplifier allows for a modular zone system to be easily implemented With its fully wired network connectivity providing you with high quality stereo playback. Each additional amplifier added to the network is instantly assignable. You can play the same music across all the networked zones, or use separate local sources, all controlled using the handy Muzo App.

For larger properties or customers that demand a higher level of performance and customisation, the Systemline 7 and Nuvo Audio systems provide full hi-res audio network playback. Options include active soundbars and stereo desktop units being usable as stand-alone systems, or being selectable as zones for a multi-room output.

Home Sound System

Our Systemline smart home packages are perfect for upgrading your old stereo to a modern home sound system. The stylish wall mount control panels of the E50 and E100 audio systems offer stereo sound that's been designed to work with high quality ceiling speakers, wall speakers, or outdoor garden speakers to get your music wherever its wanted.

Bluetooth connection allows easy steaming of audio from phones and tablets. The E100 is also equipped with DAB radio for all the latest channels. With line inputs for TV connection, these stylish units are perfect for kitchens and living rooms. They offer a discreet installed design for clutter free music playback.

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