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Home Audio Speakers

With digital audio and streaming services taking over from the traditional home hi-fi, the speakers and audio systems designed for these mediums are far less intrusive in the modern home.

Modern music systems can use various methods of audio transmission, with the convenience of Bluetooth bringing quick connection and control, or the more stable and room assignable Wi-Fi based designs being a superb choice for full home coverage and access to storage based audio files.

Designed to fit seamlessly into kitchens, living areas and bedrooms, the wide selection of ceiling speakers and wall mounted speakers available for home audio installation can suit a modest background music system to a large install with multi zone coverage.

Waterproof Speakers

Indoor zones for home audio speakers can include damp or wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, with IP rated waterproof ceiling speakers giving peace of mind that you can enjoy music anywhere at any time in the house without issue.

These speakers can be part of a house wide Wi-Fi audio system, or a more local room system that uses an amplified wall plate style music player.

The increasingly popular Bluetooth ceiling speakers are also a great choice for bedrooms, with easy control from phone or tablet.

Ceiling speakers offer excellent sound quality, with both mono and stereo versions available to suit different room layouts. Easily fitted to dropped ceilings or into standard plaster ceilings, they offer a fantastic music performance whilst remaining near invisible for a truly discrete system.

Hi-Fi Audio

Home audio speakers can be easily used for television sound, with different audio systems providing a variety of surround sound options. The addition of a hi-fi subwoofer can greatly enhance the performance, both for films and for general music playback. 

With many homes utilising patios or garden areas as an extension of the houses social area (weather permitting), its desirable to include these areas into the homes sound system, with garden speakers and in wall speakers being purpose designed for year long outdoor life.

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