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In Ceiling Speakers

The use of in ceiling speakers lends itself to modern home design and aesthetics, with their discrete format blending in seamlessly.

Gone are the days where home hi-fi or sound systems meant large speaker cabinets taking up floor space in bedrooms and living rooms

With music being digital in both storage and playback, the need for CD players and other large devices to be out on display is a thing of the past. 

Server based music systems and Wi-Fi connected audio streamers can be hidden away, controlled easily via custom apps on a phone or tablet. This decluttering of the living space is the perfect reason to install ceiling speakers for a truly invisible sound experience.

Hi-Fi Ceiling Speakers

In ceiling speakers are available in several sizes to suit different locations and sound level requirements, with a selection of both general quality and branded hi-fi ceiling speakers depending on what's desired performance wise from the installation.

Standard ceiling speakers will be 5” to 6” in diameter, which offers an excellent mid bass reproduction. These can be a simple single cone design, or higher specification speakers favour the coaxial layout which features a tweeter unit mounted centrally above the main driver for superior sound performance.

Installation Ceiling Speakers

Larger installation ceiling speaker systems are often run in a full signal mono configuration for the best coverage around a location without the worry of phase issues, missing channels, or the echo effect that occurs from misplaced stereo sound. 

Stereo does still come into play when the room has an equal number of speakers and adequate spacing to allow for the soundstage to be created without issue. Custom dual cone ceiling speakers can provide a stereo output from a single unit, so perfect for small rooms where space is tight. 

The availability of IP rated waterproof ceiling speakers allows bathrooms, wetrooms and kitchens to be easily incorporated as part of the homes main audio installation, meaning your favourite playlist or network stored CD collection is always on hand no matter what you're doing or where.

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