bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

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Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Bluetooth ceiling speakers are the perfect choice for single room installations in the home, where they are replacing say an old stereo system.

Bluetooth speakers are designed primarily for a local connection to a source device, be that a phone or tablet that's playing either stored music or an internet streamed playlist. 

Perfect for bedrooms and kitchens, these wireless ceiling speaker systems are a self contained powered speaker and Bluetooth receiver. They work as a stereo pair, with one active speaker which requires mains power, and a slave speaker which is connected with standard speaker cable.

Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers That Work With Alexa

Working on a slightly different design, the wall plate style systems feature a single or dual gang sized control unit, which has the Bluetooth receiver, amplifier, and FM or DAB radio built in. This allows the ceiling speakers to be standard passive types which makes installation a simple task.

Featuring the latest Bluetooth receivers, these ceiling speakers are also fully capable of connection to Amazon's Alexa and Echo speaker systems, expanding their output for a true room filling sound, and giving you the benefits of voice control.

Bluetooth has revolutionised the way we enjoy our music. The ability to wirelessly transmit audio has seen a complete change in the design of stereo systems for the home and business. The latest Bluetooth ceiling speakers allowing room filling sound with none of the usual boxes or clutter.

Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

Sadly there is still no such thing as completely wireless speakers (they still need power to operate!). However Bluetooth ceiling speakers come as close as todays technology will allow. Capable of receiving audio wirelessly from Bluetooth devices, the latest wireless ceiling speakers have built in amplifiers and work in stereo pairs. These are designed for single zone use only, as currently Bluetooth does not allow multiple connections or linking.

Using them is as simple as pairing to any Bluetooth device, with up to 10m range available and simple control of volume and music source, be it stored tracks or a streaming service.

Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Kit

Available as direct mount ceiling speakers that contain amplifiers and Bluetooth receivers. We have high performance kits that are great for kitchens, bedrooms and small offices, with easy installation and intuitive control.

For slightly larger rooms and those that prefer a physical control system, our Systemline ceiling speaker packages use a touch panel wall faceplate. The faceplate features the amplifier and Bluetooth receiver, as well as a DAB radio on the E100 unit. This allows the use of standard passive ceiling speakers, with up to 4 speakers running in stereo (2 per channel) for great sound distribution.

With a variety of options available in the Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker market, we are happy to help with any questions you may have on these exciting systems. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with our product specialist.

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