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WiFi Ceiling Speakers

WiFi enabled ceiling speakers offer a unique problem solver for many residential and commercial audio installations. They feature built in amplifiers that remove the need for a seperate amp unit, making wiring a much simpler task.

The built in WiFi connection works as a grouped zone setup. Each active speaker connecting to your WiFi router and controlled through the Muzo App that runs from Android or iOS. This allows you to easily distribute stored music or streaming services across all speakers on the network. You can also have different music in each room.

WiFi App Controlled Systems

The Muzo App allows simple control over all zones, which can be named for easy identification, and has been designed specifically for a great user experience. Ideal for homes and small businesses that want to have a background music system thats easy to install and use.

wifi wireless ceiling speakers

All our WiFi speaker systems work as stereo pairs, with one active (amplified) unit and one passive. The active speaker requires a power supply connection and speaker cable connecting the active unit to the passive. They will then appear on the Muzo App via your WiFi router and can be named to suit that specific room or zone.

These speaker systems are perfect for installing without the need for running wiring to every zone as is required in a standard 100v line system. This makes them very installer friendly and great for adding sound to an already decorated home, shop or restaurant. Causing minimum disruption.

Multi zone streaming is restricted to the Wifi connection as it requires Muzo to control the distribution correctly. Local control of the speakers is also possible using the Bluetooth connection. This allows direct control from a smartphone, tablet, or using an Amazon Echo or Alexa device.

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