Bathroom Speakers

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Bathroom Speakers

The bathroom can be a place to unwind, or to brighten yourself up for a big night out, and having great sounding music available is always guaranteed to create the atmosphere you want.

Our ever expanding range of bathroom speakers are ideal for discreet installation into a modern bathroom or wetroom area, where standard ceiling speakers are just not suitable for use.

With the latest polypropylene woofers and IP rated electrical components, our moisture proof bathroom speakers are both durable and safe for daily use in damp environments, allowing you to include the bathroom as part of your larger smart home audio system, or as an independent installation.

Bluetooth Bathroom Ceiling Speakers 

The convenience of wireless audio streaming lends itself to situations all over the home, with the bathroom being a perfect use for the technology.

From a nice relaxing bath, to getting yourself up and ready for work, a bit of music in the bathroom always helps set the mood, but until now has always been limited to using portable speakers, due to the high moisture level in the air just destroying any normal installation speaker over time.

Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speakers are designed specifically for this damp environment, allowing you to safely stream music directly from your phone or tablet wirelessly, and with an average 10m range, you don’t even need your device with you in the bathroom to do so.

This clutter-free audio will provide you with far superior sound quality from its ceiling speaker placement, and with the ability to connect to smart home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, or Google assistant smart devices, our Bluetooth bathroom ceiling speakers let you play music from all the popular services like Spotify, Deezer and YouTube Music.

Bathroom Speaker System

Supplied either as part of a larger multi-zone system, or as a stand-alone audio package, a bathroom speaker system can be a simple DIY installation, or something more involved should you require it.

With standard speaker pairs or single stereo output ceiling speakers available, we can cater a bathroom speaker system to suit any size or shape of room, ensuring even sound coverage and great performance.

We can supply bathroom speaker systems for all levels of budget, with simple Bluetooth controlled units or app controlled speaker systems that operate as part of a larger, zone assignable music system in the home.

Passive Installation Bathroom Speakers

Offering the required IP protection from the ingress of moisture (and mould growth), our range of high performance passive bathroom speakers are perfect for single room and multi-zone home audio installations.

Able to work with ‘normal’ low impedance amplifiers or the popular 100V line installation amplifiers if required, the options for bathroom audio systems are available to suit a variety of room layouts, from specific domestic designs to systems suited for both commercial premises and for home users.

Designed to blend in with your decor, the classic white grilles on most of our ceiling speakers can be painted if needed, with both round and square grille covers available on certain models, and easy fitment from built in clamping systems and magnetic facias.

Ceiling Amplifier Bluetooth Bathroom Speakers

Simple to install and operate, a discreet ceiling mount amplifier unit is ideal for bathrooms, where all the wiring can be contained to the ceiling space, so no chasing out of already decorated walls.

Power to the amplifier can be provided via a fused connection taken from the lighting circuit wiring, and use minimal current when in use, with the low impedance speakers being connected to the amplifier using standard low cost speaker cable.

These compact Class D amplifiers provide ample power for great sound output and quality, with the convenience of Bluetooth allowing for a quick wireless connection and device control of both music and volume.

Several of our bathroom speaker systems use this style of amplifier, making them a fast and simple installation for any electrician or competent DIY homeowner.

Wall Mounted Audio Systems for Bathrooms

Hugely popular with our customers, the convenience and stylish modern appearance of a wall mounted audio system coupled with high quality bathroom ceiling speakers will provide you with a discreet yet tactile way to enjoy your chosen music.

These glass fronted touch panel stereo systems blend into any room aesthetic, with their standard dual gang socket dimensions making location and power supply connection easy.

These wall plate stereos are designed to be plug and play, avoiding the more complex operating systems that require internet connections and often unnecessary functions, instead focussing on durability and a long and trouble free working life once installed. 

With Bluetooth as standard, and offering a wired auxiliary input for televisions, you can have your favourite music playing, enjoy a film or sports while having a bath, or listen to the radio, with several models being DAB radio equipped for the latest digital broadcasts.

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