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In Wall Speakers

Designed to sit flush against the wall surface for both aesthetics and for space saving, the use of in-wall speakers is primarily aimed at the home cinema installation customer.

With the latest Dolby surround formats such as Atmos requiring a staggering 11 speakers and a subwoofer in its full domestic configuration, a home cinema room or living room can get crowded very quickly. With rear surround channels, mid-room fills, and both front and rear down fill channels, it becomes quite a challenge to locate all these speakers if using either stand mounts or wall brackets.

Recessed Speakers

In wall speakers work without the use of a standard cabinet, instead using a recess in walls or ceilings as their enclosure. Specifically tuned to run in multi-channel audio systems, these speakers focus on the midrange and treble frequencies used in speech and surround effects, making use of a seperate subwoofer for the low bass reproduction.

As part of a multi speaker system, these high quality in-wall speakers can work from any audio source, with the correct AV receiver system being able to operate in both programmed surround sound from film soundtracks, or in multi-channel or standard two channel stereo.

Flush Mount Speakers

To blend in with surrounding and be as discreet as possible, these in wall speakers are designed to be flush mount, with their slimline grilles being a magnetic fixing for a completely seamless look thats perfect for modern decoration styles.

Flat Wall Speakers

Being specifically for the home cinema user, these flat wall speaker systems are standard low impedance only, so suitable for use with standard hi-fi amplifiers and surround sound AV receivers. They can be custom fitted into a variety of wall materials, with their built in swivel style clamps making installation into ceilings and plasterboard a fast job.

For a more detailed explanation of our In-Wall Speakers and their suitability for your specific installation, please contact us to speak to our product specialist who will be happy to help.

Invisible Speakers

Completely hidden from view, these amazing speaker systems are perfect for finely decorated rooms, gallery and museum installations and minimalist design layouts.

Available as standard low impedance versions for hi-fi and home cinema use. Also available are 100v line high impedance for use in multi zone applications. The appeal of totally hidden sound is one that's seen many years of development to reach this point.

Unlike traditional cone driver speakers, these flat panel speakers utilise rear mounted 'exciters'. The design transfers controlled vibration across the panel allowing it to radiate sound with minimal movement. Therefore allowing flush mounting into plasterboard. Some models allow full recessed installation behind a plaster skim or material covering panel Thus making them completely invisible.

Hidden Speakers

There are lots of reasons to have speakers hidden, but room aesthetic is the leading decision. Even the most stylish of speakers still encroaching into the available space, and often only available in selected finishes. Using hidden speakers like those from Fonestar or Amina completely removes all evidence of there even being a sound system in place. Invisible speakers are the ultimate in discrete audio.

Invisible Wall Speakers

Designed for use in a variety of materials, from plasterboard and channeled brickwork, to wood sheeting and bespoke material covered panels. They are able to take a plaster skim up to 2mm, becoming truly invisible, whilst providing a sound performance to rival many hi-fi speakers.

These speaker panels can be used as stereo pairs, or as part of a larger sound system. For home cinema purposes they can be coupled with a subwoofer unit to truly enhance the available soundstage and frequency range

For more detailed information on the available Invisible Speakers from Audio Installations. Please get in contact and discuss your requirements with one of our specialists.

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