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Garden Speakers

A set of garden speakers are perfect on those warm summer evenings, with gatherings always being enhanced with the addition of some music to set the mood.

The selection of outdoor garden speakers available gives you plenty of choice for both performance and style, with the option to have the garden as a selectable zone from a larger house wide audio system, or to have it as a stand-alone setup.

Garden speakers are offered in both standard low impedance, or 100V line versions to ensure easy system integration and simple installation wiring.

Rock Speakers

Unique rock shaped speakers provide a ‘stealth’ option that are designed to blend into landscape gardens, and are a great choice for outdoor areas and gardens in hotels and restaurants.

Made from UV resistant fiberglass that allows complete weather proofing, these 2-way speakers are superb for background music, and when wired as part of a larger system can also be used for announcements.

Also a great option for both home gardens and public areas, the 360 degree sound and IP45 rating of the part-buried design garden speakers offer superb audio coverage, whilst their unique green appearance allow easy camouflage into flower beds and shrubbery.

Low Impedance or 100V Line 

For those not worried about stealth, the range of both low impedance and 100V line wall speakers offer classic looks and easy fitment with their included adjustable brackets. 

Ideal for patios, they can be fixed to walls or wooden structures for the perfect positioning, and they provide plenty of performance for garden parties, or just some summer afternoon radio in the sun.

Different IP ratings to garden speakers will dictate if they are suitable for fully exposed usage, or if they are designed for use under a roofline or awning where they are partly protected from the elements.

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