Hi-fi Subwoofers

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HiFi Subwoofers

Though not an issue for many, the use of ceiling speakers does naturally limit the amount of natural bass that's produced. A hifi subwoofer can be included into the system to enhance the sound significantly.

Subwoofers are purpose designed to reproduce the low bass response that smaller speakers will always struggle with. They feature a larger diameter driver and carefully tuned enclosures to maximise their response.

Ceiling speakers offer high quality sound, and discrete aesthetics that make them especially popular in modern home sound systems. The only downside is the lack of enclosure, which means the air created from the rear is lost into ceiling voids.

Active and Passive Subwoofers

Hifi sub speakers are available both as passive or active systems to allow easy inclusion into all types of home audio installation. 

Using a hi fi subwoofer is the ideal solution to fill in these lost frequencies for standard music listening, or turn it up for some real punch when having a party, or watching a film.

Active subwoofers are generally the preferred choice, as their onboard amplifiers provide adjustments for phasing, signal level and frequency cutoff, along with a power amp that is matched to the woofer for the best performance.

Passive subwoofers offer less user control, but are a great addition to smaller audio systems requiring some extra low down punch. Some installation amplifiers provide a dedicated subwoofer speaker output to make wiring simple.

Home Cinema Subwoofer

Hi fi subwoofers are designed to be as discreet as possible, with their woofers usually between 6 inch to 10 inch in diameter. This adds a balanced level of low end bass into the room without being overbearing. 

For home cinema installations you can use several subwoofers for room shaking effects, or install a much larger 15 inch or even 18 inch sub depending on the size of the room and the desired effect that's required from the system.

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