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Wireless Speaker Systems

The term wireless speaker can be slightly misleading to those not in the know. A wireless speaker system is one that operates using wireless transmission from source device to the receiving speaker. The speakers require cables to connect to each other, while active ceiling speakers will need a power connection.

Portable wireless speakers are obviously cable free but contain a battery, which is just not practical in a ceiling installation. We have wireless speaker systems in several types, with some using active/powered speakers, while others use WiFi based amplifiers with standard passive install speakers.

WiFi Speakers

The latest wireless ceiling speakers have built in amplifiers and WiFi receivers which allow connection to your local WiFi network. The speakers work in stereo pairs, with one active speaker that requires a power connection. The second is a passive speaker, and connects using standard speaker cable.

Using the custom Muzo App for Android or iOS allows you to assign music to each receiver on the network. As a result you can play different music through each set of speakers, or have the same source playing across all sets for a multi zone system.

Wireless Music System

Operating on the same WiFi network principle, our wireless music systems work in a slightly different way. Using standard passive ceiling speakers for a simple installation, these systems use separate amplifiers which can be hardwired into a network router, or join your network wirelessly. Having more power available allows up to 4 speakers to be wired per room, with further rooms or zones simply repeating the amp and speaker setup.

Similarly to the WiFi speaker sets, our wireless music systems operate via the excellent Muzo App. This allows full control over any of the amplifiers on the network. The systems can play different music in each room, or have the same source played over all available zones.

For advice on Wireless Speaker Systems for your home, office, restaurant or business applications, the AI team are happy to help. Contact us for a quote today.

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