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Multi room WiFi Transmission

The use of WiFi for audio transmission has transformed the way we can listen to music. Its now possible to send music wirelessly around the home to individual speakers, or groups of speakers.

While hi-fi systems are limited to one room, the use of WiFi speakers brings complete freedom of location.

WiFi Speakers

More stable than Bluetooth, the use of WiFi allows easy connection to any source on the network. This can be a computer with your song library, or even a CD player that's connected via a network amplifier.

Wi-Fi speakers make use of the Muzo App to control both playback and features.

Muzo gives you easy control over all speakers on the network, while multiple speakers can be selected for playing the same music. The zones can also be used for individual playback at the same time.

Multi Room Audio Systems

The use of a WiFi network for audio makes the installation of a multi room system a much easier task than ever before. It removes the need for cables being run back to one central location, while allowing for easy system expansion to new zones or rooms.

Wifi speakers come in stereo pairs, with the master speaker being amplified and featuring the WiFi receiver, and often Bluetooth connectivity. The second speaker is a passive unit, and connects to the active system using standard speaker cable.

With use of the Muzo App, any active units will appear, and can be re-named for easy identification. Muzo allows you to use a single stereo set, while any speaker pairs on the network can be used seperately or grouped with ease. This gives you single room or multi room playback, with great flexibility for getting music where its wanted.

These App controlled systems allow audio streaming from playlists, online music services and internet radio. Muzo is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Our product specialists are happy to help with all your questions. We offer services for system design, custom wiring diagrams, and full installation depending on location. Get in touch today for a quote.

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