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Home Amplifiers

Home amplifiers come in several different types depending on the type of audio system that's required.

Modern stereo receivers are designed to take the place of older amplifiers or receivers in a more traditional home hi fi system. They offer you easy access to digital audio, be it stored files on a USB drive, or a streamed playlist from a phone or tablet using Bluetooth.

These amplifiers have all the standard connections for connecting your trusty CD player, hooking up the TV, and listening to the built in FM radio.

Streaming Hi Fi Amplifiers

Internet audio streaming services such as the popular Spotify require the playback device to have a stable internet connection, which can be via WiFi or using a wired LAN. These streamers can be auxiliary style devices for adding into existing equipment, or they can be integrated hi fi amplifiers. 

Zone Amplifiers 

Primarily designed for commercial audio systems, the benefits of multi zonal systems have found their way into the home, where they particularly suit a larger house installation that's having a centralised server based audio system with speakers in every room. 

The separate zones allow different music to be played per zone, with direct server access via an app. The zones can be set to play the same source all at once, or can be controlled locally for complete flexibility. 

WiFi Amplifiers

For true signal stability over a home audio installation, a WiFi or wired network connection will always be superior to Bluetooth in use. Though amazing for its freedom in daily life, a Bluetooth connection is limited both by signal strength and signal quality. 

WiFi is significantly stronger and more stable for home audio, and nearly all WiFi streamers and amplifiers include a wired network connection for the very best internet signal strength. It's the ideal solution for internet radio, music services, and network stored music playback.

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