smart audio Systems

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Smart Audio Systems

Multi room audio systems offering smart control have become the desirable upgrade for old hi fi systems, and a big selling point for new build property.

Unlike the many portable style smart speakers made popular by companies such as Amazon and Sonos, a fully installed smart audio system is designed to provide the entire home with simple app based access to music.

Installation of a smart audio system allows your music to be distributed to any area of the home easily, with all the latest internet radio stations, podcasts, and audio streaming services available at the touch of a button.

Network Audio

Unlike most portable smart speakers which rely completely on a WiFi network for their internet access, an installed smart audio system will have direct ethernet input to provide it with the strongest most reliable connection that won't suffer drop out.

Smart audio systems use dedicated iOS or Android apps to provide full control over whats playing, be it your favourite radio station, or an album or playlist from the systems network storage. You can upload your CD collection into the system easily too, removing the need for any peripheral equipment.

Installation Audio 

Built in amplification means that all the electronics can be hidden away in a single location out of sight, with the wiring in the house being simple speaker cable runs to the specified areas or zones.

For homes looking for the most discreet install possible, the use of ceiling speakers will provide the best results, bringing high quality sound and near invisible fitment that will blend into any aesthetic. 

With waterproof speakers for bathrooms and kitchens, and garden speakers for patios and grounds, you can have your music exactly when and where you want it throughout a property, with the app control meaning source selection, zone selection and volume is on your phone and always to hand. 

Smart Sound System

The scale and technical capabilities of any home smart sound system will come down to overall budget, and the desired features. Pre-planning of any installation is key, with speaker placements, design requirements, and any specific functions being the deciding factors in the brand or type of system suitable.

Smart audio in the home can be on a per room basis using equipment such as Bluetooth speakers and WiFi amplifiers, or it can be a totally inclusive system that allows access to the same music anywhere in the property.

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