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TIBO Audio

A British brand with over 30 years of history in the hi fi and portable audio world, TIBO has always been at the forefront of stylish design and the latest technology.

The TIBO range of home audio products are now all smart enabled, offering the superb connectivity and freedom of audio streaming services and digitally stored music libraries in both modern and contemporary designed speakers and players.

TIBO smart home audio products are designed and developed in the UK. Built to exacting standards and manufactured using the finest quality materials, the range of smart speakers and hi fi components bridges the gap between portable audio home audio.

WiFi Smart Audio

Operating through the homes WiFi network helps avoid the audio dropouts and limitations of a Bluetooth connection, and allows TIBO speakers the ability to connect to each other wirelessly for multi room sound.

The TIBO app has been custom designed to give easy control over both your stored music files and the available online streaming services and radio stations. It also allows you complete control of audio routing to any of your TIBO speakers on the network.

The app allows you to rename any TIBO speaker it finds, making it easy to direct your music to where it's wanted, and for simple group connection of multiple speakers.

Certain smart speakers in the TIBO range feature its Bounce technology, which provides playback in single, stereo, or group mode at the touch of a button. With a pair of Bounce capable speakers you can select left or right channel operation through the app for a true stereo performance.

Amazon Alexa Compatible

With features that include built in Amazon Alexa and interchangeable end panels in several colours and finishes, the TIBO smart speakers will look at home in any kitchen, bedroom or living room. 

For traditional hi fi component lovers, TIBO has superb smart streamers in both pe-amp and fully integrated amplifier formats which will bring your beloved audio system into the new age, allowing it full access to online music services and networked storage libraries. 

Bluetooth connectivity gives you streaming from your phone or tablet, and both WiFi and wired ethernet options will have you streaming in superb hi fi quality through your favourite speakers with the minimum of fuss. 

The TIBO brand provides the very latest technology and innovation in home audio, smart audio, and the audio installation market. Its smart speaker systems follow classic styling that's perfectly suited to any home decor.

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