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Systemline 7

The Systemline 7 is a multi-room music system which has been engineered to offer the best possible home audio and TV experience, whilst fitting in discreetly with the design of your home.

Installed Solution

Being an installed music system, there are no intrusive boxes or trailing mains leads because everything is hidden out of sight.

The System line 7 allows you to simply enjoy true hi-fi quality stereo sound from low-profile ceiling speakers.

Any choice of music can be enjoyed in any room. Or if you prefer, play the same music in all rooms or even create a group or groups of rooms where your music can be shared. Listen to what you want, when you want and where you want.

Simple to Use

Smart ‘One Touch’ operation makes using S7 as easy as can be. Utilising the intuitive app control from a smartphone or tablet, or from one of the wall mounted keypads, you can instantly select from any stored favourites: these can be playlists, albums or radio stations.

Optional TV sound integration

S7 can automatically switch between music and TV sound. You can even use a number of remote handsets, including Sky models, to directly control S7. The experience is completely seamless.

Audio File Types

There are various types of file formats for storing music. Some are compressed and usually ‘lossy’, which means that content has been removed to reduce the size of the files. MP3 is the best known lossy file format and is available with a number of different levels of compression.

Lossless file formats such as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) are designed to capture the entire content and are also available with different levels of resolution. CD for example is 16bit/44kHz, whereas Studio Quality is typically 24bit/96kHz. The Hi-Res Audio file storage standard is 24 bit/ 192 kHz.

Systemline 7 can store and replay all formats from its 2tb onboard storage, allowing you immediate access to your digital music library.

Streaming Services

Internet radio is available from a number of providers including the popular ‘Tune-in’ and ‘BBC iPlayer’, which supports both live radio and a full 7 day catch-up service. Add to this, music-on demand services such as ‘Spotify’ ‘Deezer’, and ‘Qobuz’ and more, means you can explore the whole world of music from the comfort of your own home.

The NetMusic App also adds a social element to your musical enjoyment with its integrated support of Facebook and Safari. You can chat to your friends, check the weather or latest news, all without having to jump in and out of separate Apps.

Whats Behind the Scenes?

The heart of the system is the NetServer and one or more NetAmps, but you won’t see them because they will be neatly hidden away in a purpose designed enclosure.

The NetServer is the repository for all your stored music files. It boasts a capacity of more than a million tracks and is the gateway for all the supported internet services. The NetServer also supports automatic CD ripping & album art detection in addition to the transfer of existing electronic music files over the network.

iTunes is supported with the recommendation that the iTunes library is mirrored to the NetServer hard drive.

The NetAmp connects to the NetServer via a Direct Digital connection and provides stereo hi-fi amplification and control for each room. One NetAmp services two rooms and Systemline 7 can support up to 24 fully independent rooms, catering for even the largest homes and business users. S7 offers full integration with popular home automation components and custom lighting systems such as Lutron, Crestron and Control 4.

Higher power, higher performance Systemline amplifiers can be added to the system to provide even better hi-fi performance for selected rooms. 

No Compromise

Even the best wireless systems suffer drop-outs and ultimately limit sound quality, due to bandwidth constraints. Only wired systems such as Systemline S7 can be used without compromise, because we only use the Wi-Fi network for control, not for audio distribution.

Systemline was the first electronics company in Europe to enter the installed multi-room music system market way back in 1988, and have been responsible for a number of world firsts.

The heritage of the brand comes from the specialist Hi-Fi sector, with the first Systemline amplifier being derived from the 1986 What Hi-Fi? award winning QED A240 amplifier.

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