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Fonestar Multi Room

Fonestar from Spain bring their commercial audio expertise to the home installation market, with superb smart audio products for single and multi-zone systems.

Fonestar’s discrete sized WiFi stereo amplifier is a superb option for smart home audio installations, be they a single room system such as a bedroom or kitchen, or as part of a larger multi-room audio package.

Accessing the internet using either WiFi or a wired ethernet connection gives excellent signal coverage and stability to these amplifiers, allowing uninterrupted audio streaming from the huge choice of internet based radio stations and music services.

The units have more than enough onboard amplification to run a pair of high quality ceiling speakers or wall speakers, giving ample volume for both background music and those days when you want things a little louder.

Multi Room Audio

Due to their use of the homes WiFi network and the Muzo app for iOS and Android devices, it's possible to connect multiple Fonestar smart amplifiers and have them play the same music throughout the home.

Muso controls all aspects of the system, giving you access to streaming apps, radio stations, WiFi settings and master volume control.

It also lets you view all the connected Fonestar amplifiers on the WiFi network, which can be renamed for convenience. This allows different music to be played in each room, or the same song throughout.

Multi Zone Sound Installation

Being individual units allows any amplifier to run independently at any time, so you can be listening to Spotify in the kitchen, and the radio in the lounge, with multiple users able to log into their own streaming service accounts via the app.

The Fonestar WiFi amplifier includes an auxiliary input jack which allows easy audio connection of televisions or satellite / cable boxes or any standard line level audio device. They also include a line output should you wish to connect the unit to a larger power amplifier for larger speaker systems.

You can easily add in a patio or garden area by using weatherproof speakers, giving you high quality music for those summer gatherings and warm evenings where the outdoor area is an important part of the home.

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