Audizio SB85 Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer – 150W


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Audizio SB85 Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer – 150W

This soundbar with subwoofer package is a great way to enhance home movie viewings and music with its immersive output and theatre-quality bass. Featuring two midbass drivers and tweeters, the SB85 delivers an immersive stereo output that captures all aspects of audio for the best results possible.

With this Bluetooth soundbar for TV, you can wirelessly pair your smartphone, tablet or laptop for streaming audio from websites and applications. A Bluetooth enabled TV can also be used without the need for a wired connection. The 40-metre range means you can connect your smart devices from a distance.

In addition to the wireless Bluetooth mode, there are other options for connecting your TV to the soundbar with subwoofer. The HDMI-ARC input can be used to instantly connect the soundbar and TV in a simple setup and with synced up audio, guaranteeing flawless and enjoyable playback. Furthermore, the optical and coaxial inputs mean you can also connect the SB85 to the TV as well as media players, like DVD players.

The wall-mounted soundbar can be easily installed on a wall surface with the two fitted brackets on the rear. This gives you the option to rest the speaker on a TV unit or shelf, as well as use it from an elevated position. The stereo audio, distributed between the subwoofer and soundbar, offers high-definition with heavy bass that makes watching films and shows more enjoyable.

Further to the option of controlling the SB85 wirelessly through Bluetooth, it comes with a remote control so you can adjust the volume and input mode without having to go over to the unit itself. It has an integrated MP3 player as an optional input for continuous playback, where a USB stick can be connected to instantly play through stored digital audio files.

Key Details

  • Soundbar with subwoofer for immersive cinema-quality audio and heavy bass response
  • Wirelessly pair your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled TV to the SB85 via Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Coaxial and optical inputs allows use of TVs and other devices like DVD players
  • HDMI-ARC for instant connection to a TV with synced up audio to enhance home movie viewings
  • Full-range, stereo output from the integrated tweeters and midbass drivers, subwoofer supports the output with clear bass
  • 2 year extended warranty


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