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Modern televisions are ultra slim in design, which is great of course, but leaves little to no space for speakers. This is where a soundbar is needed.

While manufacturers have done what they can, the modern TV is often extremely lacking in its sound department, which can seriously spoil the enjoyment factor, especially when watching the latest series or film.

A soundbar is a custom designed active speaker system, designed specifically in a low profile oblong enclosure. These can be placed beneath the TV if its standing on a sideboard or other flat surface, or they can be wall mounted.

Soundbar and Subwoofer

Using a soundbar and subwoofer creates an impressively wide soundstage, with many able to recreate a full surround sound experience with their clever use of scattered beam drivers, which direct the sound in multiple directions to give the effect of rear speakers.

With the inclusion of features such as Bluetooth connectivity, a soundbar also becomes a powerful music speaker for the lounge area, with its size and power output bringing hi fi quality to songs and playlists streamed from a phone or tablet.

Soundbar Connections

Soundbars can include internal subwoofers for enhanced bass reproduction, or they will feature an output for a separate active subwoofer floor unit for those who prefer a more substantial low end to their movies and music.

Audio only soundbars will connect to the TV via a toslink optical cable, which is then selected in place of the TVs own speakers in its audio settings.

Audio Visual soundbars act as an interface, with hdmi inputs and outputs allowing it to be the hub for your other a/v devices such as games consoles. This type of soundbar will feature an audio return channel (arc) enabled main hdmi connection which lets it integrate with any modern TV for seamless operation from the TVs remote control.

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