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Surround Sound Speakers

Use of surround sound speakers as part of your entertainment system adds a fantastic level of depth to the viewing experience.

With streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, we are consuming more television than ever before, and having a good audio system is a large part of the enjoyment factor.

This is also true for gamers, with the latest titles featuring immersive soundtracks that come alive through a surround sound system.

Surround Speakers

Surround sound speakers can be mounted on the wall out of the way, or can be ceiling speakers for a totally discrete installation. 

Surround speakers don't require big volume, especially in a residential setting as they are only there to reproduce effects and atmospheric elements from soundtracks. They are designed to provide that 3rd dimension to the sound.

Home Cinema Speakers

Ceiling speakers are an excellent home cinema speaker choice for the modern smart audio install as they can blend in seamlessly to a stylish room design. 

For true surround sound, a dedicated multi-channel amplifier will be required, giving you access to the various Dolby surround options that are needed to fully enjoy the latest movie soundtracks.

For the real home cinema enthusiast, a set of wall mount speakers or stand mount bookshelf style speakers are the preferred choice, and will often be part of a matched surround speaker set.

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