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Home Cinema Subwoofers

A subwoofer is an addition to any music system that you will only need to hear once to wonder just how you survived without it in your life.

With music and television becoming intertwined through digital streaming services, people are using their TV and audio system together at home more than ever, using one sound system for everything.

Hugely popular streamed shows such as Game of Thrones and The Witcher have bridged the gap between the television and cinema experience, featuring digital stereo and even multi channel audio to enhance their spectacle.

Surround Sound Sub

Audio streaming from services such as Spotify have replaced the use of CDs and other formats in most homes. When not on the move, listening via mobile, these services are often played through TV speakers or soundbars, purely out of convenience. 

Adding on a surround sound sub to your hi fi system, home cinema system, or soundbar, will transform the sound performance immensely, both for music listening, and for sitting down to the latest blockbuster.

A subwoofer takes the strain of low bass reproduction away from the other speakers in your system, allowing them to work more efficiently, and be reduced in size for a more discrete installation.

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