school pa systems


School PA systems are one of our specialties, with experience in both small and large campus installations for primary and secondary schools, and for college and university sites.

Audio Installations understand the needs and requirements of schools, and offer our equipment and installations through school credit, meaning no upfront costs and no deposit, which allows us to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible for you.

We offer a wide selection of audio equipment and package systems to suit every situation, from the smallest of primary schools to the multiple building facilities of a college, with options for both standard audio systems and our school lockdown systems.

School PA System
School PA System


The heart of any school is its hall. With assemblies, concerts, presentations and drama shows, it’s a versatile space that often finds itself as the central hub of daily school life.

A sound system for any hall must be just as versatile, and able to perform at many different volume levels to suit.

It must be easy to operate by both staff and students, and be installed in a way that doesn’t intrude visually, but provides clear and defined sound when in use.

Our multi use speaker systems for schools include superb wall mounting units that can operate in daily for background music and announcing, yet come alive for concerts and shows with serious levels of performance.

Local inputs through a mixer controller allow easy connections for microphone systems and AV projectors, and the hall is fully controllable as an independent audio zone, whilst remaining under a master control of the larger school wide sound system.


Though some schools do play background music around the building, the main function of an audio installation is for announcements and updates. This can be anything from paging a staff member or student, to a health and safety warning or a general information on an event.

Installed audio systems allow full access to all areas of the school from one convenient location, such as a main office or reception desk. This makes the entire site reachable from a single microphone when needed, including all outdoor areas to ensure nobody is missed.

The systems are easy to use, and allow for handy features such as timed pre-recorded announcements and calendar triggered messages, along with full selection of which zones receive either music or announcements at any chosen time.

School Public Address System
School Public Address System


School environments call for several types of speakers during an installation, though ceiling speakers will be the most widely used in most areas as they provide great coverage.

Ceiling speakers fit flush into dropped ceilings and cavity ceilings, which makes fitment a quick and simple task. They are ideal in classrooms and corridors where they provide ample levels of performance for daily use.

For areas such as common rooms, staff rooms and drama studios, where perhaps the system may be required to provide high quality music throughout parts of the day, a wall speaker will often be used.

Wall speakers come in several sizes depending on the performance required, and offer superb detail and response with music. They allow for better bass than ceiling speakers, and are available in both black and white designs to blend in with the surroundings.


For the common areas such as playgrounds and car parks, and for other outdoor areas such as tennis and netball courts or football pitches, the use of all weather speakers is required.

These wide dispersion outdoor speakers are usually horn designs, with a single unit offering huge sound throw for amazing coverage. Just a few well placed horn speakers can be more than adequate to cover a large exposed area.

Their all weather construction means they can be a permanent fixture in the open elements of a school’s campus, ensuring that students and staff can hear important messages wherever they happen to be.


Modern problems require modern solutions, and our school lockdown systems are an important part of any school that wants its staff and students to be as safe as possible.

Emergency buttons located around the school premises can be pushed in an emergency situation. They signal the school’s main PA system and totally override it, playing out a pre-recorded warning message or instructions at a preset volume.

It doesn’t matter if there’s music playing, or if any of the speakers on the system are already in use. The override will immediately mute all inputs in favour of the triggered response.

These audio lockdown systems are separate to the building’s fire system for safety reasons, but can be triggered by a fire alarm to playback instructions if required.

School Lockdown Systems
School Lockdown Systems


For larger, multi building schools and colleges, it can overstretch the capabilities of a standard zonal sound system, with it just not being practical to try and operate what could be hundreds of speakers from one central amplifier location.

Audio over IP systems tackle this by using the Ethernet network and using it as an audio data transmission line. With each building or zone using a receiver unit and amplifier, allowing it to be both independent, and part of the larger networked system.

A master transmitter can be located at the main office or reception, and have access to all the receivers and connected speakers on the system.

Audio over IP can solve many of the problems that arise when planning and installing a cohesive and connected audio system in large schools and commercial facilities, reducing cabling issues and maintaining digital quality to the sound over long distances.