Commercial Audio Systems

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Commercial Audio Systems

100v line PA systems designed for installation into commercial premises such as offices, stores and warehouses. With single and multi-zone speakers systems for vocal and background music reinforcement. with Bluetooth, MP3 and FM tuner options.

Commercial audio systems provide a comfortable level of background music while creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

Commercial Background Music Systems

The benefit of a 100v line commercial speaker system is that 100v speakers operate at low power. This means the amount of speakers that can be run is only limited by the amplifier's power.

For example, a 500w, 100v line amplifier can power over 300 speakers tapped at 1.5 watts. This professional system makes for easy installation, operation and maintenance.

A common mistake with installation audio is to overestimate the power required from speakers.

Ceiling speakers give a wide sound field due to being above head height. When using multiple speakers, a low wattage will obtain more than desirable coverage, and have plenty of power for commercial background music systems.

Commercial Speaker Systems

For shops and offices there are discreet ceiling speakers and stylish wall speakers, while for warehouses and factories we have pendant style speakers for extra wide coverage.

We have IP rated speakers for toilets and weatherproof speakers for outdoor areas such as smoking shelters and terraces. From a small background music system for a shop, to full on commercial pa system in multiple areas of an industrial property, we have a large range of commercial speaker systems to suit.

Our 100v line PA specialists can help from the design phase onwards. We can supply wiring diagrams for your bespoke system, to phone support, and even full installation by one of our authorised installers.

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