gym sound systems


The modern gym and fitness centre has become a busy social venue, with people of all ages attending the many classes and training areas on a daily basis.

A gym sound system must be performance orientated and extremely capable, as music plays a huge role in the atmosphere and motivational energy that’s trying to be created.

Audio Installations have worked alongside both smaller fitness studios and the larger commercial gyms to design their ideal audio systems, and our expertise in multi zoned installations allows us to work with every kind of layout requirements.

Gym Sound System
Gym Sound System


The sound system in a gym is on all day long, with dance music and pop music being the standards, often played at high volume to give your workout some encouragement.

This demands high quality speakers that can deliver good bass response and clear top end into a larger space, whilst not being too obtrusive.

Speakers such as the Amate Audios B8 can offer the perfect compromise between size and performance, and careful placement of just a few of these impressive wall speakers in a main floor area can provide amazing sound coverage.

For studio rooms and fitness classes, the speaker systems can be a mixture of ceiling speakers for background music, with larger wall speakers for the more intense sessions such as spin bike where loud music is part of the workout.

The rooms can feature their own volume control, and can also be specified with a separate amplifier and playback system to allow the instructor the freedom to play music from Bluetooth or USB drives should they want something different to what’s on the main audio system.

Gym Speaker System
Gym Speaker System


A gym audio system needs to be controllable, allowing the designated areas to be comfortable for the particular activity.

The use of a zoned system gives a master control over audio playback and volume levels to each selected area, so for example the weights area can be loud while the running machines have only background level.

This can be expanded further with the use of a matrix style amplifier system, which will allow each zone to receive a different audio source if desired.

So you can have loud dance music on the main floor, some rock music in the weights area, and the audio feed from TVs playing out in the cardio machine area. Its allows superb flexibility from a single system, which also provides features such as automatic audio muting for announcements, and zone specific paging for staff and customer notices.

Music System for Gym
Music System for Gym


The team at Audio Installation can advise on the ideal equipment choices and work with you for deciding optimal placements throughout the premises.

From a low cost 100V line audio system for smaller private gyms, to a powerful main room sound system and multi-room zoned system for larger commercial gyms, we have the expertise to design and supply the best solution.

Our professional installers can offer pre-purchase site visits, and supply training on system operation once it’s all in place, giving our customers the confidence to use their chosen system as intended.