background music Systems

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Background Music Systems

Audio Installations have a wide range of background music systems and 100v line audio packages. Perfect for restaurants, offices, bars, pubs and shops to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Ceiling speakers and wall speakers suit any decor for a professional appearance. As a result, a fully installed background music system will blend tastefully into any environment.

Background Sound Systems

100v line pa systems allow for the simple distribution of audio, while offering stylish looks and a low visual impact.

Wall mount speakers and outdoor weatherproof speakers can be located in smoking areas or beer gardens. As a result, they allow you to include these areas as part of your sound system all year round.

100v Line PA

Professional 100v line pa and background sound systems make use of zone amplifiers, which provide complete control over the music played in different rooms or areas.

A single zone amplifier allows connection to multiple speakers from one source, therefore is perfect for the office or warehouse floor for some radio or a spotify playlist.

Multi Zone Systems

Multi-zone amplifiers allow the playback of single or multiple sources to different areas or rooms. This works well in restaurants and businesses because it allows different levels and in hallways, kitchens and toilets.

Each audio zone can be set up to play music from your tablet, laptop or smartphone using Bluetooth for wireless streaming.

Amplifiers can include USB/SD card MP3 playback and FM tuners, while RCA inputs allow line level devices for maximum flexibility.

We have pre-packaged background music systems to make things nice and easy for you. Our design service and advice is available should you not find anything suitable for your needs.

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