Ceiling Speaker Systems

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Ceiling Speaker Systems

Ceiling speakers systems are designed to be installed as a permanent audio solution for homes and businesses. Offering high quality sound, these audio systems are suitable for both background music and home hi-fi. Our installation speakers operate on the 100v line system, for the reason that it allows for the use of multiple speakers from a single amplifier. As a result, this makes them the ideal choice for shops, factories, restaurants and office buildings.

100v Line Ceiling Speakers

100v line systems are cost effective, and make installation a simple task for the professional or the diy installer.

100v line systems can be wired quickly, with the speakers easily mounting into a variety of ceiling materials.

Ceiling Speaker Kits 

Our packages include amplifiers from Adastra and Monacor, coupled with quality speakers from Power Dynamics. These speaker package systems are available in different sizes to suit your available space and budget.

With high quality sound and excellent features they offer amazing value, while helping keep costs down on a larger system.

For professional installations, the amazing RCF coaxial design ceiling speakers are paired with the high power RCF AM 1125 mixer amplifier. These systems are perfect for restaurants, retail outlets, business premises and home audio systems.

Larger audio installations use multi ceiling speakers systems, with music being easily distributed into controlled ‘zones’ using one of our multi-zone amplifiers.

Multi zone systems allow you to play different music in each areas or room, while all being controlled from one location.

Ceiling Speaker packages.

All Audio Installations pre-selected 100 volt line ceiling speaker packages and ceiling speaker kits include high quality amplifiers and ceiling speaker systems for installation.

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