New collection by Avon – Studio 1886: Gilded, XXI, Techtopian
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by Elena Knezevic
11/27/20 21:03:56 ( 13 comments )

As Avon's website states, 34 years before women won the right to vote, in 1886, David H. McConnell started Avon based on the revolutionary concept that women could earn an independent income, run their own business, and contribute to their community.

This year, in order to mark the birth year of the company, Avon has launched three fragrances, united as the Studio 1886 collection: Gilded, XXI, and Techtopian. All three of them are addressed to women.


XXI Eau de Parfum


XXI, which is obviously named after the new millennium, is a fresh fruity feminine fougère based on a balance of cool and juicy fruity notes (orange and sweet fig) and their earthy aromatic counterparts (patchouli and sage).

Sage is traditionally a masculine accord, at least judging by its prominence in men's colognes. It was deliberately put in a fragrance for women to mark their decisive yet graceful step into the new millennium as independent partners to men. Sage adds its stimulating earthiness, which I can't help but admire. Despite its aromatic hue, the fragrance is far from being masculine; it is rather interesting and likable, juicy with sweet fruits, however, not cloying. It evokes a summery carefree atmosphere and fits lightweight clothing.

Notes: angelica, orange, fig, sage, patchouli.



GILDED Eau de Parfum


Gilded refers to the Gilded Age in American history and the women's suffrage movement. This fragrance is probably the brightest in the collection. It has a very appealing sour-sweet, fruity-green note of rhubarb, blended with black currant, which, by the way, shares the same characteristics. They are cheerfully loud and edgy, crowned by fresh rose, and cushioned by white musk. Violet leaf infuses a drop of soft aquatic freshness.

Notes: rhubarb, black currant, rose, violet leaf, white musk.



TECHTOPIAN Eau de Parfum


An unusual name for a women's fragrance, that puts technological progress in the center of modern life. Despite the name, the fragrance is the most conventional feminine fragrance of all three. It is composed of fresh peony-like crisp roses with a citrus start and a clean soapy aura. An assertive fresh floral fragrance.

Notes: magnolia, white rose, lily-of-the-valley, white musk.


The fragrances are poured into sleek opaque bottles of 1.7 fl.oz (50 ml) and retail at the price of $50 each on the official Avon website. Gilded and XXI are complemented by a matching lotion and shower gel.

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Elena Knezevic

Elena Knezevic Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief

Elena Knezevic founded Fragrantica together with Zoran Knezevic in 2007. Since then Elena has taken care of its design and content as the Editor-in-Chief. Elena was born in Russia, studied Slavic languages and literature in Moscow, and lived in Sarajevo and Belgrade, where the idea of Fragrantica was born. Now she resides in California.

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I absolutely love the thick richness I got from the artistique collection's magnolia en fleurs (won a best magnolia scent) and patchouli indulgence. Gorgeous fragrances, but we don't have the above collection here (yet?) Artistiques were far more affordable, however, so I'm glad I have them.
Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere (2015)


@ Dog Hair Dinner....These to me are Light To Medium Strengh....They seem to linger Softly for Hours, My Favorite is definitely The Gilded!
Rose Alexandrie


It is hard to predict. Perfumes on me do not last. These ones were somewhat in the middle to the weaker side. It is always a plus for me.


Does anyone know how the longevity is with this scent? I find a lot of scents I buy from Avon only last an hour or two.

Lizzard 12/01/20 19:31

I’ve stopped buying Avon, sadly the quality has been declining while prices keep inclining... a hard pass here too.
Bombshell Beach

GooseWithAGrudge 11/30/20 14:08

Aw, I actually like the name Techtopian. Reminds me of when I was growing up in the early 2000s and everyone was a lot more optimistic about things like the Internet.

I may have to go see if the local Avon guy has samples of these!
Very Sexy Now 2017

amanda 11/30/20 10:55

i like the bottles and the idea or rather the occasion they are celebrating. but agree with the increasing prices, avon does not need high end lines. It is too late and unnecessary to rebrand themselves, we need cheap perfumes that are just as good as the expensive designer ones. i hope they will have the 10ml version so i can try them out
Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere (2015)

avonman 11/29/20 07:18

Of The 3 I Own Gilded and it is Beautiful....A fresh Rose with Black currant combo, this to me almost has a slight Rose Wine Note which I Love giving it a Sophisticated aura....I have yet to try Techtopian But have smelled XXI and that Is Definitely Unisex, fresh and easy, The retail for these are $50 BUT you can get them for $39 shopping with a Rep!
Classique Collector Edition 2018

violetstorm 11/28/20 22:57

so i have to chuckle at some of the comments & agree lol......the name techto whatever lol is not appealing whatsoever lol............and i agree the pricing is too high for avon ..........i have noticed lately with avon that they have raised all their prices by a lot & im not sure who they are trying to target but it seems like are are pushing out all their old clients who remember avon as affordable good quality items - where u could get a lot for not a lot lol..........but now that is not the case sadly.............but this new line just doesnt seem appealing except for the tecto one but for 50.00 i'll pass...............ohhhh avon lol
Rose Alexandrie

jeca 11/28/20 09:48

Indeed! Techtopian is just a very bad name for a perfume.
- What nice perfume are you wearing?
- Techtopian.
- ???? !!!
Halston Night

it's=it+is 11/28/20 09:37

Oh, Avon, what are you doing? You have this great name--Studio 1886-- setting us up for a fragrance that is a nod to history-- and then you give the most traditional scent of the trio a jarringly weird name? Techtopian? And then charge $50 for it? Do you want to go bankrupt?
Glitter Fantasy

amy1983 11/28/20 05:43

$50 for an Avon perfume? Nope.

MiruB 11/27/20 23:14

Hope these will be better quality than the Artistique collection, turned out to be a bummer

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