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Niche Perfumery

by Rouu Abd El-Latif
06/30/21 13:05:01 ( 118 comments )

It's fun and always exciting to unveil a new indie brand! Paysage is a new house founded by Abdelfattah Hamed and Hany Hafez, two friends who share a passion for and tons of knowledge of fragrances. The gentlemen already own two successful brands, Nilafar Du Nil and Alexandria Fragrances, whose fame has increased significantly over the last four years, both in Egypt and abroad.

"Two Egyptian perfume enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and brand owners, Hani Hafiz and Abdel-Fattah Hamid are celebrating the pinnacle of Egyptian heritage. Founded in 2021, Paysage is exploring and perfecting the art of perfumery guided by passion, refinement, acknowledgment and rooted curiosity." – Brand website.

Paysage flacons

Looking at Paysage’s collection of nearly 15 fragrances, everyone should be able to find something to their taste; from their beautiful amber potion Shali (I already discussed it as one of the best I’ve smelled in 2021) to the beautiful, juicy Nobaria, which smells like the most delicate fresh basket of oranges, and from their only feminine edition Fjord Bay to their heavier fragrances which embody the opulence and sensuousness of the Orient: Nuttroun, Kerala, Nuba, Avenue of Sphinxes, or Siwa. And then there's the modern genre of genderless perfumery: Giftun Island, Ilidza, and Salalah.

I really like their matt black packaging and those heavy textured semi-polished bottles with engraved wooden plates tagged with the Tahrir Square coordinates in a nod to the roots of both founders. It's minimalist and rustic, crowned with a shiny heavy black cap without too many details. I'll go over some of the fragrances that I had the chance to try.



Nobaria flacon

"Blooming in April in the middle of the newly greening desert. From the Egyptian land of oranges it comes – Nobaria. Hundreds of acres and thousands of fragrant buds and flowers bloom to fall off without setting fruit, collected in an exclusive parfum extrait to brighten up your ambiance with joy and grace." – Brand description.

I’ve never been to the Nobaria district before, but I love oranges, both their taste and smell! In Nobaria, I smell clementine and freshly squeezed oranges with ice. It's juicy and fresh more than floral; the fruit itself stands center stage. Nobaria opens loud and tangy-sweet with a happy spirit, bringing to mind one of those advertising campaigns where young ladies and gents are splashing giant perfume bottles over each other. Later, I can smell a waft of greens and bitter neroli echoing in the heart, after which it dries down to a more quiet and airy scent than I expected; my fingers aren’t sticky after all! It's the youngest and the happiest of Paysage's collection, a bright jolt of a scent that reminds me of Lancome's O de l'Orangerie and Jo Malone’s classic Orange Blossom, perfect for those who really enjoy sunny fragrances.


Giftun Island

Giftun Island flacon

This is my favorite from the brand; if you're somewhere on planet Earth where the weather never goes over 30ºC, you should give Giftun Island a try. I’ve been lucky enough to test this in two different concentrations; first, it was lighter, and later it changed into a more intense concentration, and I have to say I really enjoyed the second modification, which is the concentration they’re offering now.

Fragrant woodland – while cypress is one of those underdog ingredients in modern perfumery, Giftun Island offers a dose of cypress on steroids; it comes loud, sharp, intense, and very chypre-like. It's a modern remake of what the good old days in perfumery used to be like, but instead of the classic aromatic-chypre structure, they dressed up the old skeleton with ambroxan. The opening burns my nose for few seconds, but the exuberant accord settles to a fresh citrus breeze of bergamot, a mentholated frosty accord, and something that I smell as galbanum, adding a juicy bitterness and green coldness to what was nippy a minute ago. I can smell an aromatic garden on a rainy day on my skin; especially rosemary and juniper come through, with an illuminating hint of rose petals, but all wrapped skillfully around the cypress accord.

Like a foggy countryside image, with cypress trees swaying in the wind, the entire composition is hidden in a cloud of ambroxan. It gets woodsier and airier, recreating the classic chypre fragrance using the more traditional perfume materials.

Speaking of the weather, sadly, Giftun Island doesn’t really perform well in warm weather; either the humidity or our warm, dry skin will manipulate the scent. It sticks to the skin, the sillage turning translucent and delicate shortly after application, while in cooler and drier weather it radiates beautifully for hours.

It's a stunning fragrance with a misleading name from Paysage! Giftun Island is a breathtakingly beautiful spot near the Hurgada-Red Sea, where, in my experience, life is all about sandy beaches, sunny bed swings, pina-colada shots, kite surfing, crystal blue water, yachting, and a mesmerizing sea breeze. But cypress trees.... no, not at all.


Fjord Bay

Fjord Bay flacon
The only edition in the collection that was created for women is Fjord Bay. Fjord Bay is a small heaven hidden in Taba (North Sinai), situated between the colored mountains and one of the most beautiful reefs in the world. I've been there countless times as it's at the top of my favorite spots in Egypt but relying on my olfactory memory, it never smelled as luxurious as this scent! The place is in the wilderness; no beach swings nor luxury hotels, just a magnificent view and a few divers with their equipment.

Fjord Bay smells like an ideal cosmetic advertising campaign, where a sexy brand ambassador is posing in a white swimsuit, and there is a ton of beauty products, suntan lotions, shimmering oils, and moisturizers lying around. The composition offers a modern flowery amber perfume, a mixture of white flowers -  tuberose, osmanthus, milky gardenia, and a touch of jasmine  -  placed on an almondy, sweet base. It opens up with a blast of what made Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess and By Kilian’s Good Girl Gone Bad famous; a balanced composition of milky flowers and inoffensive gourmand notes. I enjoy how the white flowers and osmanthus are dipped in condensed milk in the heart without completely losing their figures. I believe osmanthus is the main reason why Fjord Bay isn’t as gourmand nor sweet as you'd expect. It gets creamier and smoother while it becomes more intense on the skin; there is something extremely young but sensual about this contrasting fragrance, and I'm enjoying it thoroughly.


Avenue of Sphinxes

Avenue of Sphinxes flacon
In this neo-spicy fragrance for men, some brandy/whisky booziness is skillfully wrapped in leathery isobutylquinoline, though neither one is mentioned in the notes pyramid. I've smelled similar compositions, but none of those offers the same scent. Avenue of Sphinxes opens up rich and intense; an ideal Fall/Winter scent with a modern warm-spicy aura devoid of the synthetic oud often used in this genre. The scent is a refined idea of what's intense with a velvety texture; if Nasomatto’s Baraonda was lighter, Kilian’s Single Malt was less sweet, and D&G’s Velvet Oriental Musk was performing better, Avenue of Sphinxes would've been them all. Avenue of Sphinxes offers the vivacity of cardamom, the heat of cumin, and the spiciness of saffron softened with musky and balsamic shades that skillfully stand out for 8 hrs on my skin.



Nuttroun flacon

Nutty, smoky, and extremely intense. Nuttroun opens up dense in the way that hazelnut cappuccino powder can be dense. The opening sizzles with roasted hazelnuts, chocolate, and coffee without extra sweetness; a little crunch of puff pastry is skillfully evoked, but never the reason you were here. I remember the first time I smelled Chocolate Greedy By Montale (RIP) and Aqualina’s Chocolovers, and how I instantly felt like I could eat this with a spoon. I remember how dark, nutty and playful they were. In those days, the oud note was loud and clear, a smell you'd have never missed with its weighty sillage and sense of exclusivity. Well, not anymore – in Nuttroun, the oud is sweet rather than its specific woody profile, less melancholic, playing a supporting role together with the Filbertone molecule. It's less complex and more "nutty."  With this composition aimed at men, the brand again plays a winning card; a giant gourmand without actual sweetness, offering coffee, hazelnuts, cinnamon, coconut, and tonka beans, warmed on a base of tamed oud and exotic myrrh. 



Siwa flacon

The name was enough to be curious about this fragrance; Siwa is an isolated little paradise in the Egyptian western desert, well hidden, except for those who intentionally seek it. The name in this case perfectly fits the smell; it opens extremely dry, medicinal, nippy, and slightly bitter, which at first I thought was due to patchouli, but it's actually saffron. If one were to imagine, this is how I wanted Chanel’s Coco Noir to dry down. It has vibes of a golden amber accord, a melancholic plum accord, and some mystical benzoin. Personally, I don’t smell the promised agarwood (oud) listed in the notes, but it's smoky enough to be there. Siwa is for those who enjoy amber-themed compositions; it brings Feminite du Bois and Plum Japonais to my mind while it dries down. Siwa as a place is the land of Berber descendants and Sufi chants; looking at this source of inspiration – the scent couldn't have been better. 



Kerala - God's own country! I remember seeing a huge advertising banner at an airport in Singapore a long time before visiting India. Years after, I landed in Kerala, and surprisingly it was exactly what they promised to be. Paysage's inspiration of Kerala is based on acres of evergreen Aquilaria trees and ancient Agarwood plantations in the Indian state. This is one of the finest compositions of their collection; instead of Kerala's exotic jungles, there are swirls of burned, fatty agarwood chips, sensational rose petals, and a waft of smoke. A familiar note combination, but surprisingly it still can do the trick. The secret in Kerala is the fine ingredients; it floats seamlessly all together without any rough edges. Although each ingredient can be characterized as heavy, Kerala never overwhelms. If you are a fan of the dashing Nouveau Monde by Louis Vuitton, you should give Kerala a chance.


We are happy to announce that the house of Paysage has generously offered to give away a full set of samples to a lucky winner among Fragrantica's readers! Furthermore, there is a special offer for our readers: Entering the code Fragrantica25 during checkout on the brand's website means 25% off retail price throughout the website until July 10th!

To qualify for the draw, simply leave a comment below before Monday, July 5th, 2021, 12:00 AM PDT; the lucky winner will be randomly picked and announced in the comments underneath this article on that date.

The winner will have to communicate with the brand via [email protected] about their contact and shipping details. Good Luck!


Rouu Abd El-Latif

Rouu Abd El-Latif Editor, Writer, Translator

Rouu is a financial analyst who holds a PhD in Economics. A winter creature who loves cooking, baking, photography, reading, new language learning, and fitness, she is also crazy about collecting perfumes. She started reviewing for in 2008,and in early 2014 became a contributor

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Bodda89 07/06/21 11:56

Winner is
Midnight in Paris Eau de Parfum

olfactoryfan 07/05/21 22:25

These fragrances sound like genuine olfactive works of art. I'd love to experience them for real.

Brillig301$ 07/05/21 16:43

I especially liked the way you described their “Kerala” fragrance as I’d love to travel to India but until I do this may do he trick!

marmo 07/05/21 12:11

Really interesting🤞
Aqua Vitae Cologne Forte

Rays2k 07/05/21 02:24

These sound interesting.
Amber Absolutely

deedee31 07/04/21 22:20

Really like the concept, bottle designs (look at these labels !), and the names make you travel for sure... Would love to try out the scents !

lefwon 07/04/21 20:41

Looks like an interesting and promising brand.

jeremyn87 07/04/21 20:31

I'd like to be entered. Thanks for the giveaway

Remy1971 07/04/21 19:17

I am commenting because my eyes have been opened to the world of fragrances due to Fragrantica and its posters.
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Destiny 07/04/21 13:33

Sounds interesting, and very nice that there is a giveaway! Good luck everyone!
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bdragonfly12345 07/04/21 12:44

What a fantastic range of fragrances! Nuttroun sounds amazing, but really all of them would be wonderful to test out.

I remember travelling through Egypt after I finished University, and how amazing the culture and sites there were. I especially enjoyed my time in Siwa.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter! :)
Shalimar Eau de Toilette

Lubaska 07/04/21 11:35

I would like to try all of them. Thank you for this giveaway

kittylitter1 07/04/21 11:27

What an exciting launch! I look forward to trying some of these.

thedailyclaire 07/04/21 11:02

These fragrances sound so unique and dreamy. I would love to try them!

crd3000 07/04/21 09:29

Wow! These fragrances sound fascinating. Would love to tease my senses and float away to that special place that lies in my mind.
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ceeceelee 07/04/21 00:13

They sound so exotic to me. I'd love to stretch my olfactory limits with a set like this. It's confusing when you are reading about all these wonderful scents, but have no knowledge. They're not something you can find at the local mall. Just read the wonderful article about attars or I guess attrs as the first spelling is the perfumer not the perfume. I would love to win these, regardless, I've promised myself I'm going to stretch. Good luck to everyone!

Daisylinne 07/03/21 15:37

I would love to have the chance to enter this giveaway! Good luck to everyone!
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parkemuth 07/03/21 14:37

I would very much enjoy sampling these fragrances. I am always looking to add more unique additions to my collection
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lackocult 07/03/21 13:49

They all sound and look great....
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catndale 07/03/21 13:18

always hunting for new olfactory experiences, very keen on sampling these 👃😁
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teddito 07/03/21 09:05

They sound and look fabulous and enigmatic.Can't wait to test them..

BringUsAShrubbery 07/03/21 08:54

I would love to try this brand! Fjord Bay sounds lovely, but I'm also interested in some of the unisex offerings.
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irisduv 07/03/21 08:33

I will be very happy to experience these wonderful perfumes🌹

qahmad_l 07/03/21 03:56


IngaMM 07/03/21 00:39

Reading this article alone sends me on a journey to those beautiful parts of the world. I can’t begin to imagine what sampling the scents will do, but I know it will be a wonderful vacation in a time we can’t travel.

janjanjan 07/02/21 10:41

Thank your Fragrantica for always bringing us new houses to learn about! Especially at a time when we are turning a critical eye towards the moniker and practice of "orientals" in western perfume, we need to start highlighting the work of perfumers from places like the Middle East and bringing their art and talent to a wider audience, not just using the ingredients. Count me in for the giveaway :)
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ladymia6969 07/02/21 10:25

These sound intriguing! Love to try them.
In Fragrant Bliss

In Fragrant Bliss 07/02/21 09:20

Always amazing to see perfumers showcase smells of their tradition. Wanted to get 3 creations right away, so went on the website to utilize the 25% discount & free shipping.
Sadly, shipping to New Zealand but NOT to us poor Australians.
Don't think I will even be considered!!!
Club de Nuit Intense

ladyinthewater 07/02/21 09:13

I am really curious about this brand, from Egypt to boot!
I hope I win the giveaway hehe

MRonHubbard 07/02/21 09:10

I always want to try new scents. These sound beautiful. Thank you.

SergioCelane 07/02/21 05:29

All seem to be great scents but Nobaria would fit well in Rio's climate. Let's give them a chance.

Catalina-Vali 07/02/21 04:26

I would love to try one of your beautiful creations and I hope I'll have the chance to do so!Thank you so much for the opportunity!Can't wait!
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Konst. 07/02/21 02:24

Siwa sounds very appealing to me. I woudl love to sample your creations :)

ezdravkova 07/02/21 00:48

The bottles look beautiful! The "juices" inside also "sound" interesting. Would love to try them all.
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zm20 07/01/21 22:55

Would love to sample these perfumes. Giftun Island sounds great.
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beatamondata 07/01/21 22:51

If these arrived at my doorstep, I would soon be on an olfactory journey visiting a few of the most fascinating places in Egypt.
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Bubbles1964 07/01/21 18:11

I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging, and these bottles look stunning. Would love to sample the line.
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Tiwalii 07/01/21 16:20

Oh, these look and sound really nice! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! <3
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DresdenDoll 07/01/21 16:01

These looks interesting, some nice note combinations - interested in Colored Canyon particularly. The bottles are really beautiful too!

jayneperry 07/01/21 15:48

I would love to try the women's perfume and share the men's ones around. 😊

Klassi2000 07/01/21 14:41

Hello my dear, sweet Hany! I’m loving moonlight in paradise! Everything you touch is pure gold (¥). I simply cannot wait to get my hands on some of these!!! Thank you for making life so sweet❤️

axelbuscarons 07/01/21 14:38

I'm in!
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Noah’s Nose 07/01/21 12:59

Would be so grateful and interested to try these!
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Oilove23 07/01/21 12:33

Commenting from the US :)
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gannapodolska 07/01/21 11:58

FJORD BAY might become a favorite for me, but I'll be very excited to try them all and discover something totally new !

beguttm8 07/01/21 11:54

would love to sample this house
Midnight Poison

Olotitan 07/01/21 11:29

Great review and a wonderful giveaway from this house PAYSAGE
I would love to try these fragrances from this Egyptian house, the flankers are beautiful!

Count me in good luck y'all thanks!
Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante

helenlam 07/01/21 11:21

Nice! These sound beautiful and I'd love to sample them, especially Kerala!

supremegold 07/01/21 11:21

I will send a comment site from Japan.
I hope you can meet these scented arts in Japan as well. And I wont to be the first Japanese person I can meet in the sample.
Almond Cookie

Abbysue 07/01/21 10:26

Sign me up! Be glad to try any or all of them.

afaham 07/01/21 10:12

I have Siwa ,very intersting juice , strong longevity and beast Sillage,really i like a lot..

Tidouri 07/01/21 10:02


gamjadori 07/01/21 09:52

count me in :) Kerala sounds like it's up my alley
Afrika Olifant

Cool_Motivator 07/01/21 08:54

Siwa looks like the one for me!
Green Tea

ntabassum92 07/01/21 08:27

Thanks for the enticing reviews of all these fragrances, and the giveaway!

"V" 07/01/21 08:03

Mi piacerebbe molto provare questi!
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Vahid01 07/01/21 07:56

I would love to try !

SailorV 07/01/21 07:49

I would love to try these! Fjord Bay sounds gorgeous.
Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria

LaContessina 07/01/21 07:25

Love the concept (paysage= landscape) and the names evoke so many interesting places!
A giveaway is always a great idea!
Good job!
Lys Fume

ScentsibilityPerfumes. 07/01/21 07:04

Would love to try one of these beauties from this new brand... Sign me up!!!

gtabasso 07/01/21 07:03

I was so excited when I heard of this brand because about 20 years ago I visited Egypt and all the old old perfumeries/oil shops in Old Cairo. I sniffed away and bought two things to bring back home. I would love to smell the updated versions offered. I'm in USA.
Eau Sauvage Parfum 2017

Woody57 07/01/21 06:20

I've been to Kerala 3 times, but my experiences there were on a Cardamom and Black Pepper plantation surrounded by miles and miles of tea. However I'd love to try an interpretation of this Indian state using agarwood as well. All of these new creation sound quite rich and complex, but also very grounded in understandable natural ingredients. I would love to try and share all these with my wife.
DKNY Delicious Night

Norgirl 07/01/21 05:34

very much interested to test this brand , sounds great . and draw on my Birthday aswell :)

˙ǝɥsoɯ 07/01/21 05:20

I would like to try them all. Thanks for the opportunity.

Quickbrownrox 07/01/21 04:59

This is amazing. Count me in! :)
Paradise Found For Women

theuntrainednose 07/01/21 03:53

These sound so good! I love the descriptions and the note combinations. I like citruses, I like cypress, I like nutty scents, there's a lot here for me :)

Also, your writing is very pictorial and an experience in itself, Rouu. In case you ever consider writing a book, either poetry or a novel, I will be interested!

Peosie 07/01/21 03:39

I would so much like to try all of them!

jrpclive 07/01/21 03:29

Lovely vintage looking bottles and an interesting looking line-up. Count me in!
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thisisjamesj 07/01/21 03:14

Nuttroun, Siwa, and Kerala all sound incredible. And the bottles look like something you might find in a vintage shop. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some samples whether it’s free from this contest or purchasing the samples out on my own.
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dirk_dillen 07/01/21 02:41

I really wouldn’t know which one to try first. They all look amazing!

Jaroslaw 07/01/21 02:03

Extremely interesting review of all the perfumes of this unique brand! I am very curious to know her :)
Fleur Musc for Her

RoseSoul 07/01/21 01:34

Thank you, Rouu Abd El-Latif, for this piece of writing, i LOVED it. Also, thank you Abdelfattah Hamed and Hany Hafez for this chance.

As I already love Nilafar du nil Sonit (aiming at a bottle, someday) I bet my favorite from Paysage would be either Nuttroun, which caught me at - *opens densely in the way peanut cappuccino powder can be dense*, buuuut I also think I would greatly enjoy Fjord Bay (I love this description: *It becomes creamier and finer, while it becomes more intense on the skin; there is something extremely young but sensual in this contrasting scent*),Gulchari (love the pyramid of notes) Siwa, Kerala, Nobaria, Colored Canyon, Salalah. Well, I would love to sample all of them to discover in perfumes the Egyptian heritage!

Thanks for the chance.

m3000 07/01/21 01:02

Yes, I'm interested!

happy888cat 07/01/21 00:30

Thank you for this giveaway and I would love to sample all these amazing creations! Especially Kerala and Nuttroun. I drool.
Moonlight Patchouli

lilorsi 06/30/21 23:30

I would love to win a sample set, thanks for the opportunity!
Mercurial Muzz
Terre d'Hermes

Mercurial Muzz 06/30/21 23:23

I don't know where to start to comment - every fragrance sounds extraordinary to me, and I'd be thrilled to add these to my collection. The back-story, the compositions, and the bottles, all sound and look glorious. You can see, and feel, the passion from the creators with these scents.
Good luck to everyone.

Aramis64 06/30/21 22:51

Would love it to try them all! They sound and look great
Semper Augustus

joyjoy 06/30/21 22:18

Why does this name (Paysage) sound so familiar to me? Anyway, I like the sound of these & would love to be able to sample them. And I love Egypt!

S_alvatore 06/30/21 21:38

Tempting combinations of notes and combinations. I would like to try these flavors to determine how good they are.

starsnek 06/30/21 21:33

Fjord Bay sounds delicious! I love osmanthus frags. <3

lindacarol6 06/30/21 21:05

They all sound amazing to me. Count me in please.

GladToBeUnhappy4 06/30/21 21:05

I’m still fairly new to fragrances and have never tried anything from an indie brand. These all sound exotic and unique. I think the most interesting and the one I’m most excited to try is Fjord Bay. Fingers crossed!
Ubi Dubium
Bass Solo

Ubi Dubium 06/30/21 20:56

Nobaria sounds amazing. I'd also really like to smell Siwa - I love the rich spicy ambery scents, but those often have a large dose of Patchouli that I don't really care for. Sign me up for the giveaway!

kigyo 06/30/21 20:56

Giftun Island grabbed my instant attention. Bottles look stunningly beautiful.

Aimet 06/30/21 20:53

Count me in, crossed fingers to win ! I would love to try them for sure :)!

M_Lardeaux 06/30/21 19:17

Oh yes, another interesting group of wonderful sounding perfumes to drool over! All of them sound so good, and sample sets are my "thing" right now.
Live Colorfully

sweaterfreak 06/30/21 18:03

WOW!!! What gorgeous/handsome bottles! Many sound intriguing...
I think Fjord Bay might have my name on it!

PanurgeJr 06/30/21 17:55

Discovered this brand pretty much by accident by browsing Fragrantica one day, and am glad I did. At the time the website listed ten fragrances in the discovery set, but they sent me thirteen; 30% extra free is always welcome. Now that they're offering a discount I won't be able to pass up getting at least a few. The only ones I'm not considering are Nobaria (fantastic in the opening but something in the mid or base, I'm guessing the indole, doesn't work for me) and Fjord Bay (fantastic all the way through but I'm not quite to the point where I'll wear women's scents). I can also understand why the writer previously named Shali as the best of 2021 so far, and why Nuttroun in particular seems to be intriguing so many people. I hope this giveaway generates some interest in the house.

Molko 06/30/21 17:53

I would smell Nutroun & Avenue of Sphinxes :)
Larmes du Désert

PerthTH 06/30/21 17:43

The bottles look gorgeous ,stoked to try this !!
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UnearthlyApothecary 06/30/21 17:41

They all sound fantastic, thanks for the opportunity!
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Mattyy 06/30/21 17:24

Kerala or Nuttroun sound wonderful, I'd love to sample each & every scent, these
sound so exotic. Hoping to win, thank you so much for your generous offer

ace123 06/30/21 17:07

Thank you so much for your generous draw. Excited to test the samples in case I win :)
Kelly Caleche Eau de Parfum

AnnabelLee 06/30/21 16:37

Wow! Nuttroum and Kerala sound very promising. Great article. Thank you.

BrianJay 06/30/21 16:16

I'd be interested in trying any of these fragrances. Count me in!

Marian_11 06/30/21 16:07

Me encantaría probar un perfume de la llamada perfumería de nicho. Entre los descriptos por sus notas frescas Nobaria me suena particularmente muy tentador.
Rebecca Minkoff

jaimej78 06/30/21 16:02

Shali, Siwa, and Kerala all sound tempting.
RJ Watson
Stash SJP

RJ Watson 06/30/21 15:46

Shali seems to be calling my name! 😍

mbazzelle 06/30/21 15:37

So many interesting scents to try, but Nuttroun sounds delicious! Fingers crossed for the drawing :-)
Hermessence Cuir d'Ange

cumulnimbus 06/30/21 15:36

Thanks for the chance :)
I wish I would my hands on Nuttroun, I deeply love hazelnut note.
Perry Man

scentific 06/30/21 15:35

Alexandria is such a great brand, I have always enjoyed their fragrances. Paysage really sounds interesting and the fragrances seem quite intriguing. I'm really looking forward to trying SIWA
Delirious Iris

steveniox 06/30/21 15:30

Nobaria is honestly the one which appeals the most to me, especially with the warmer summer weather coming. Sounds like it would be very refreshing! The others all sound gorgeous though. Bottles look fantastic as well. Count me in!

el12345 06/30/21 14:56

Can't wait to get my hands on a bottle of NUTTRON! It sounds sooo good!
Enchanted Forest

MoonFreckles 06/30/21 14:51

Fjord Bay sounds right up my alley! Even if I don't win I'll definitely be sampling.
Dava yao

Dava yao 06/30/21 14:46

Count me in thank you! Sounds really tempting
Lavinia Lee Luxe

Lavinia Lee Luxe 06/30/21 14:39

Sounds interesting and I would love to try them 🙏
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Debbie3 06/30/21 14:31

What a lovely giveaway. I would love to sample these.
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KopaneDePooj 06/30/21 14:20

Would love to try the Paysage fragrances! They look exotic and natural.
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ekoeko 06/30/21 14:17

Nuttroun and Fjord Bay look very seductive to me, but I would love to sample them all.
Thank you for this giveaway!
78 Vintage Green

SzekelyEmoke 06/30/21 14:02

Amazing giveaway I must tell! 😍
How I wish for the experience of trying them all. They sound lush and to die for...each for a different mood and state of mind. 💗
78 Vintage Green

skaccomatto 06/30/21 14:01

This sounds like a pretty interesting line up! Nuttroun and Kerala are particularly intriguing.
Mr. 814
Xeryus Rouge

Mr. 814 06/30/21 13:58

Congratulations on your new endeavor, gentlemen. Given your track record of success, as well as the appealing initial lineup, I have no doubt this house will do well. Nobaria and Nuttroun sound like scents I would love.

christina.annunziato 06/30/21 13:46

This house sounds fabulous! I would love to try one of their fragrances.
Bentley for Men Intense

Professor_Q 06/30/21 13:40

Nuttroun looks most interesting to me, as I've been on the hunt for a nice hazelnut fragrance since the demise of Valentino Uomo!

smora 06/30/21 13:38

Very interesting line 🙂
Southern Bloom

Pagangoddess 06/30/21 13:27

Count me in please!
Terre d'Hermes

Sauvarghhh 06/30/21 13:26

Interesting... let’s see if Shali brings something new to the amber table.
Vanille Fatale

psycobata 06/30/21 13:14

Looks nice. And who here wouldnt want to win free fragrance.. count me in😎

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