Perfumed Horoscope: July 5 - July 11
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by Zoran Cerar
07/04/21 04:48:01 ( 3 comments )

giftun island, egypt

There are weeks when astrological advice is needed more, and this is one of those weeks. Consider for example that misunderstandings could lead to inadequate decisions this week. This could put us directly into a struggle-mode while at the same time, we sense the opposite: that we are actually experiencing a creative peak (Venus in Leo). This is a time for fun in our lives. It can set us off balance so that unexpected surprises could take the upper hand.

This week we are excited about the new brand Paysage and will try to recommend the right fragrances for you.


giftun island, egypt

Giftun Island, Egypt




If you have a new romantic partner, think twice before you bring her/him to your circle of friends. If you have a brand new idea, wait it out a bit. Let it ripen a little more before you bring it to the public, because it may not be understood. We all know you are a genius, but just consider that it may not be as easy to share it this week. Instead of being frustrated, just go into the inner state of being, and try to connect more deepely with what motivates, because this new moon cycle will ultimately prove to be very productive until the end of the month. By Paysage try Eleuthera.


You may have a bit of a complicated week, and here are some clues to navigate it without much damage. Don’t take any promises very seriously without instantly going into “fact-checking”. Appreciate someone's intentions more than anything else they are ready to "give you". Be conservative with your family members, and don’t enter into discussions which may lead to “bad” memories. Also, don’t talk to your boss about your family (problems). Try to give as many people as possible a feeling that they belong to this planet. By Paysage try Colored Canyon.



You may be required by your supervisors to share openly your opinions, and on top of that, you may be challenged. I believe all authority is just a made up belief system, and maybe you will start to understand me this week. There could be different scenarios for you to grow in new places, but none of them will appear to be very real. Stick to the thoughts around your most inner truth, and let them work for you without much effort. By Paysage try Fjord Bay.



Happy Birthday dear Crabbies! This week you may feel vulnerable, and it may be hard to get you out of your shell. Be careful in communicating issues that are ideological or philosophical. Those may create a division where you don’t need it right now. You can always accept someone’s perspective temporarily, and give yourself time to really consider it. Inviting dolphin spirits before sleep will bring calm and rejuvenating sleep that you need these days. By Paysage try Nobaria.


This week will affect any and all of your relationships, and will test them in a way. It’s time to look at these without any emotions, Your goal should be to arrive  to a clear conclusion how those relationships are either benefiting you, or slowing you down, karmically. An overall enhancement crisis could be triggered by either some confusion related to joint finances, or confusion about what “a friend” had said which may have been misleading. By Paysage try Avenue Of Sphinxes.



This week can give you a clue whether or not you have listened to your heart when making some of the most important decisions in your life. If you didn’t, you may have run into situations that you cannot explain easily, especially related to services. If you tell yourself "I served well," now you may realize that those who you have served may not respect it in the way you expected them to. If the absence of mutual understanding becomes clear, don’t buy into it, just postpone resolutions until next week. By Paysage try Ilidza.



If you are going to work, or receiving and giving any kinds of services, this week may bring some unnecessary confusion that will slow you down. Do not become sidetracked, but when you see that your coworker is trying to be smart, give yourself the opportunity to learn from them. It’s amazing how every single soul on this planet has something to teach us. If you accept any negative vibes, they will play out in your romantic life and diminish the loving potential that you have in your romantic encounters. By Paysage try Gazan or Nuttroun.



This is a good week to take off from all professional and financial obligations. You can handle all the pressures, but sometimes the pressures can create only temporary solutions, which may not work well long term. Your ambition will be clear, but the resistance of your base, possibly one of your family members, may not play well into your aspirations. Don’t cut ties, don’t come to conclusions, just accept it and seek more clarity. Also, in some strange ways, you may discover how money and love sometimes cannot support or even tolerate each other. By Paysage try Siwa.



This week you may become temporarily speechless, which is not a bad thing considering that you should really quiet your mind around the new moon, and then plant that new seed, new thought, and make it work for you more efficiently. You may be on the brink of an important decision, so you do need some silence to gain the right strength of mind. It may not happen this week, especially considering mixed messages coming both from your partner and your family. Lie low and grow internal strength. If your travel is postponed for a week, don’t get bogged down. By Paysage try Salalah.



You are in your own ways very business-minded this week, and would like to put some closings and move on. It is a perfect week to take a break from emotion and do some math, and come to the right conclusions. Before you do that, however, it is important that you have a very clear mind and that you don’t get sidetracked by a coworker, a neighbor, or a sibling - all of whom will have other ideas. Also, don’t buy into any health scares, remember that your health also depends on your state of mind and its clarity. By Paysage try Gulchari or Shali.



The best way to enter this week is to register all the different emotions that you harbor currently. For example, you may have anxiety and excitement head to head with another 4 emotions that could be triggered at any time. I’m saying this because you need to go into a very rational mind this week, and not let emotions lead you to decisions, because it may not help you long term. Paradoxically, possibly the worst decisions you can make are the ones made when you say that you will do it “out of love” for someone. Stay centered with your love for yourself before all other loves to function optimally for everyone's benefit. By Paysage try Kerala.



This week will bring some unusual entanglements and you may spend a lot of time asking  “Do I really need this?” If you are already asking that, you do probably need to resolve some things. For example, do you need to stick to your idealistic and utopian ideas? No matter what, stay firm on that. Do you need to distance yourself from some of your family members? Temporarily maybe, yes, and you can stay a loving Being and still do it. Do you need a job where you do not feel respected and appreciated? Yes, to some extent and maybe temporarily, in order to strengthen your commitment to be your loving self. Do you need to stay open to the invisible? Yes, because this is where soul-food is coming from, especially these days. By Paysage try Nuba or Giftun Island.



Zoran Cerar

Zoran Cerar Writer

Zoran Cerar (aka Hieronimuss) has loved delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He is also an incurable astrology addict since 1984. With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few colleges in New York.

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News Comments

Shalimar Eau de Parfum

chinook 07/04/21 20:19

I’m always surprised by how my readings are almost always spot on

PanurgeJr 07/04/21 18:36

Update: after testing them at the same time, I think I prefer Kerala after all. So it looks like my horoscope was spot on.

PanurgeJr 07/04/21 09:53

I do like Kerala, but I think I'll go with Nuba for a rose/oud from this house, at least at first. I will say I'm enjoying going through the discovery set to find my favorites; most of them are very good.

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