Richard Madden For CALVIN KLEIN DEFY, A New Fragrance For Men
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calvin klein defy


Calvin Klein, Inc. and Calvin Klein Fragrances, a division of Coty Inc., are pleased to reveal the worldwide global advertising campaign for Calvin Klein Defy, the first stand-alone men's fragrance from the brand in nearly 10 years, featuring award-winning actor Richard Madden as the face of this new chapter within the Calvin Klein fragrance portfolio. As Coty informs us, the newest fragrance is expected to be available in the US from August 2021 at Macy's.





SOCIAL MEDIA:  #ckdefy

BRAND HANDLE: @calvinklein



Creative Agency: The Style Council

Still life photographer: Thomas Legrand 


"The campaign video features Madden in a series of vulnerable, self-reflecting, and authentic moments that culminate into a courageous leap of faith, a symbolic metaphor for personal defiance and daring to take risks. The accompanying still visual translates the powerful essence of the campaign featuring Madden in iconic Calvin Klein jeans and a timeless Calvin Klein white t-shirt. The fragrance and campaign embrace a journey of defiance while exploring authentic truths and the contrasts within."


"It’s been an exciting opportunity to partner with Calvin Klein on this new launch for Calvin Klein Fragrances," said Madden. "Making the Calvin Klein Defy campaign was an amazing experience; I'm excited about this partnership and our work together."


"The Calvin Klein Defy fragrance features a daring contrast of invigorating freshness and powerful woods. Crafted by Master Perfumer Anne Flipo and Senior Perfumers Pascal Gaurin and Loc Dong of IFF, the fragrance defies expectations and evokes the ethos of the campaign opening with an addictive blend of citrus highlighted by crisp Bergamot and fresh Lavender Absolute. The heart of the fragrance and star ingredient, Vetiver Oil, is responsibly sourced from Haiti and provides a vibrant earthiness and irresistible rugged texture that complements a rich and alluring base of Amber notes."


calvin klein defy


Edition 2021
: Anne Flipo, Pascal Gaurin, Loc Dong

TOP NOTES: bergamot, lavender absolute
MIDDLE NOTES: Haitian vetiver oil


calvin klein defy

calvin klein defy

calvin klein defy

calvin klein defy


The masculine and woody-fresh scent is captured in a modern and minimalist glass bottle carved with curved rounded edges and sharp linear lines, representing the duality of vulnerability and courage on the path to defiance. The cap and carton pay homage to Calvin Klein jeans with a matte textured blue denim-inspired, embossed finish and striking silver branding.


We will certainly write more about the new release Defy at the beginning of August 2021.


Source: Coty press release


Sandra Raičević Petrović

Sandra Raičević Petrović Executive Editor, Writer and Designer

Sandrina started her work on Fragrantica from the very beginning of the site. She has strongly participated in building the content as a perfume connoisseur and writer and has been responsible for the majority of the articles and encyclopedia records at Fragrantica, while nurturing communication with the brands. She tasted the beauty of investigative journalism and found herself in the reports and coverage of the prestigious perfume fairs, exhibitions, and events. She adores sunny and blissful perfumes that represent her inner spirit. Sandrina works as an Executive Editor of Fragrantica. She was born and based in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Open Sky

mshilov 07/04/21 05:45

Another Encounter? This boring bland blue release hardly encourages even with another super sweet macho on the cover.
Rose Alexandrie

jeca 07/03/21 10:32

The commercial and the whole aesthetics remind me of the 90s, which is a good thing. I miss it.
Boss Bottled Absolute

Fragrantguy 07/02/21 18:55

@Jomoves you didn’t know the best way to sell a men’s fragrance is to have Harry Styles lying in a field wearing a dress?

Jomoves 07/02/21 14:31

Almost odd to see the use a traditionally "hunky" looking man fronting a fragrance.
Acqua Essenziale Colonia

Senso_ 07/02/21 06:27

Well they didnt put much effort in this one. They released something very mediocre that follows the trend of design etc from the past 7 -10 years. I mean, it looks like a cheapie that woud be exclusive to walmart for $14.99.
The Dreamer

diego.lesgart 07/02/21 05:38

Generic bottle in the style of no-expensive clothes brands. The fabulous invetives and originals CK fragances are so far away. Obsession, Eternity, CK One and Scape ARE icons. Then CK "noses" started to make flankers and versions than became the 1rst into common, generics and too-snifed.
Rare Gold

MoonSparrow 07/01/21 17:21

Oh my. Richard Madden can sell me a fragrance anytime and I'll wear it, even though I'm a girl. What a man!

grigorian2 07/01/21 17:01

Notes sound so cliché' -_-
Alces Alces
Aqua Allegoria Flora Rosa

Alces Alces 07/01/21 15:40

Doesn't sound defiant. The notes listed are pretty mainstream, but smelling is believing. Ironic name in these deeply censored thought controlled times, so kudos for that.
 Eau Parfumée au Thé Noir Intense

AMajeedQT 07/01/21 14:05

Will turn out generic & lasts <3 hours.

MSC 07/01/21 13:57

Defy longevity of perfume

Aramis64 07/01/21 13:39

Not a fan of Calvin Klein perfumes but I am a sucker for Vetiver. I'm going to try this one...
Francesco Smalto pour Homme

orabsolute 07/01/21 13:06

Could be good if the base isn't a woody-amber overdose.
Coach Mac

Coach Mac 07/01/21 12:48

I REALLY hope that CK will "Defy" and "buck" all the latest trends (including horrid ambroxan... and today's feminine leaning scents.) Let's get back to true, masculine scents for the love of all things wholly.

PanurgeJr 07/01/21 12:41

Using bergamot and lavender in the top of a men's fragrance strikes me as the exact opposite of defiance.
L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Or Encens

RobKY 07/01/21 10:45

I really like the color and texture of the cap, the simplicity of the bottle with tasteful font and the color of the juice. Notes could be alright if they don't go crazy with the lavender. Will be interesting to try it out.

a_c_thompson 07/01/21 10:43

Yeah I'm definitely going to pick this one up. First new Calvin Klein men's line in 10 years... I obviously have to have it.
Dior Homme Sport 2017

shalimaraddict 07/01/21 10:16

Interested in trying this out.
Rose Alexandrie

jeca 07/01/21 09:44

Not sweet! As it seems.
Candy Love

Smellsgoodtome9 07/01/21 09:21

Bottle is just so plain. I’m probably going to look into it for my son he likes Calvin Klein colognes.
Futura La Homme

Scotty123 07/01/21 09:16

I’m actually ready to try this one out.

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