Terra di Gioia Giorgio Armani: Perfume Terracotta
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by Igor Masyukov
07/04/21 22:43:13 ( 5 comments )

Terra di Gioia Giorgio Armani: парфюмерная терракота


Armani more often pleases us with successful novelties, which at first glance do not go beyond the usual. These are flankers, which, however, upon closer examination, turn out to be surprisingly harmonious, aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for everyday wear. Recently, I wrote about the outstanding new Armani Code Eau de Parfum, and today I am going to review the new fragrance for women Terra di Gioia which I also like.

Terra di Gioia Giorgio Armani: парфюмерная терракота

The first Acqua di Gioia for women was launched in 2010, the fragrance was inspired by water. In 2016, two more fragrances, Air di Gioia and Sun di Gioia, were added to the line. Then we got Sky di Gioia in 2017, Light di Gioia in 2019, and Ocean di Gioia in 2020.

In the spring of 2021, Terra di Gioia was launched, this time Armani chose earth as one of four basic elements according to the Ancient Greeks. Three perfumers who worked on the fragrance, Fabrice Pellegrin, Nathalie Lorson, and Honorine Blanc, conveyed the following picture – imagine warm Mediterranean coast, a landscape of incredible beauty! Amber-colored rocks, low-growing fragrant vegetation, and the endless sea.

Terra di Gioia Giorgio Armani: парфюмерная терракота

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, pear
Heart notes: almond flowers, jasmine
Base notes: woody-amber accord, musk


In my opinion, Terra di Gioia really smells more terrestrial comparing to its airy and watery predecessors. The composition is dominated by warm woods, musks and fruits. Terra doesn't draw any fantastic or idealistic images, it smells pleasantly unforced but not very natural. Already by looking at the elegant sleek roundish bottle topped with a beautiful cap, you can guess the character of the fragrance inside. Terra di Gioia smells just as soothingly warm, lightly ambery terracotta, rounded with musks, elegantly touched by discreet flowers.

Comparing the new one to all other light and casual Acquas di Gioia, Terra di Gioia is rather a scent for the night. Soon after the start, which does not imply citrus notes, all the accords of the composition end up in a musk cloud. Further fragrance development happens under the dense cover of musk. Musk is in perfect balance with floral and fruity notes which are compactly configurated as if parts of a Rubik's cube – remaining quantitatively unchanged, they change their appearance and colors inside the soft frame of musk.

Terra di Gioia Giorgio Armani: парфюмерная терракота

Just like in the case with Armani Code Eau de Parfum, you may at first feel like you've smelled something like this before. It doesn't strike you as anything particularly new in general, however, its charm is hidden in detail. 

Among the undoubted advantages of Terra di Gioia is its softness and smooth, seamless transition from one note to another. The fragrance comfortably flows from one stage to another while delivering aesthetic pleasure to its wearer. I haven't noticed such a soothing effect with any of the other Acquas. Terra di Gioia is the best new musky floral fragrance on the lux market. It appeared in Spring, but it is certainly meant for colder weather. So take your time, I don't encourage you to smell it now, you'll like it better in fall. It is very likely that this perfume terracotta will become a very popular fragrance by winter.

Look at this stunning bottle!


Igor Masyukov

Igor Masyukov Editor, writer

Igor is an interpreter and journalist, a longtime reader and an active user of the Russian Fragrantica. While studying management and theory of translation at the Moscow State Linguistic University, he got interested in perfumery and began to study Russian and foreign perfumery authors. Now he writes for Fragrantica.

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I tried this one in-store and ordered it before I pulled away. Fortunately for me, Armani canceled my order, because about a half hour after application it went completely to the cherry-ish scent that almond can often give off on my skin, and it smelled exactly like the original Jergens cream, of which I am not a fan. If almond can be a challenging note for you, I recommend sampling.
Narciso Eau de Parfum Ambrée


Definitely gonna sample this new one the others in this collection smell really nice..on my. Wish list..
Glitter Fantasy


It rather surprises me that mandarin and pear are in here. I would think that a clay note-perhaps? would make more sense to me. I would imagine terra cotta to be an earthy,clay-like scent. This perfume does not sound as such. But I would still love to try this. That cap! is like a work of art to me!
Coco Mademoiselle

Soleia89 07/05/21 04:19

I like the new scent. Smells very nice. Smells creamy and sweet.
Lavinia Lee Luxe

Lavinia Lee Luxe 07/05/21 03:53

This one IS nice. I had a generous decant given to me and it’s warm and slightly familar. I haven’t truly liked a new Armani scent for years, but this one has great potential. The dry down is lovely and overall the scent is rounded and very well blended, almost seamless. However, it has a somewhat synthetic vibe. It’s like it hasn’t settled enough, if that makes sense? It’s a strong like for now and I think it could turn into a love if that synthetic vibe fades with cooler weather.

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